How should we open the gym


project on the market a lot, every entrepreneur’s idea is not the same, so the choice of the project are very different, as long as the choice of the appropriate project and address, can success, if you believe in yourself for gym, then start the site for the fitness room.

To evaluate the value of coefficient

1, the surrounding environment:

(1) less than 500 meters of office / commercial buildings: commercial building grade, the number of floors, the main company name, the main occupation of the nature of labor, the ability to develop and potential, there is no matching; read more

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How Tao Bihua became a billionaire

Tao Bihua, the name may be a lot of people have not heard of, but "old godmother"? Yes, that is the old lady chili sauce, which is probably a household name, and Tao Bihua is the founder of the old godmother, let us close to the great man!

a only 3 days of primary school, only to write their names of women, starting from scratch, in a short span of 6 years, the founder of a private enterprise assets of up to $1 billion 300 million! Tao Huabi, a 51 year old woman who created the new fairy tale, was named the world business review. Say her name, many people may wonder, but the mention of her "old godmother spicy sauce", it is almost known to every family, known to all. Tao Huabi is the workers who will eat almost every day, "the old lady spicy sauce," the founder of the production of this kind of food enterprises chairman. The 4 illiterate rural "old godmother", even the file cannot read, she is how to set up and manage more than 1300 employees of large enterprises? read more

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ndependent P you betrayed me

open Baidu, or Google, or any other search engine, enter the keyword "independent IP", will find in the big Internet, this is a compliment, except for a few pages a few simple explanation for this popular keywords, the rest is countless praise and infinite longing. No wonder, in today Chinese network environment, new ideas, original content is more precious than pearls, everyone on the search engine optimization era, a new logo, advertised independent tool independent IP, naturally popular. But, the website owners of independent IP flock has to deformity degree, this is not easy to get the independent IP, but betrayed me. read more

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Chen Qingli what should the four stages of a successful website do

what are the four phases of a successful website? (new and new webmaster must see), it’s nothing new to do a website now, but it’s time to do it. Novice in the station when there is no experience, always take a lot of detours, according to my years of experience in the establishment of the station, and are usually in the online see some knowledge, special sort out some of the text to share, hope to help the novice!


1, site preparation phase

as the saying goes "quicken work", website for the node section should not be ignored! In this stage, we must want to clear the site in the face of the user group is? What is the characteristics of the Internet users? What do these users on the Internet habits? Want to know after this information is recorded. Then the custom website structure, website promotion planning, do not do "without a head" expected to do what. read more

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Mechanical station friendship link exchange strategy

mechanical station friendship link exchange strategy this station has been for a long time, just always thought that Baidu ranking, so there is no Links to do this, see the company to the others, the optimization of the station, went up in just two days, I found him standing on the importance of Links. Baidu doesn’t use these links to settle PR values as Google does, but it also relies on these links to crawl and update your station content. The following mechanical link will do links, you need to refer to those content: read more

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How to do website in the sustainable development of the nternet

micro media alliance experience sharing (columnist Yu Chenghong) how to own website to establish a standardized sustainable profitable way, the Internet website is the product for profit, because the development of the Internet, it created another batch of Internet project. Therefore, the Internet has a flat and fast way of profit, the website is to emphasize the existence of Mr. Yu to seek development. In addition, the pursuit of deep web site user value, and explore the user’s services and needs, which is our core competitiveness of grassroots websites. read more

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A brief analysis of the tragic causes of reducing the right of coffee machine enterprises

A revision on the sale of coffee machine

I recently said the website optimization, many webmaster friends know, in general, will lead to drop right, if careless words may also lead to K station. I currently encountered such a situation, the author will briefly talk about the optimization of the coffee machine enterprise station is to be heavy right down, hoping to give to the revision of the revision of the webmaster friends or are some warning.

one. The 404 page didn’t do

well before the website went online read more

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Data analysis process, direction of bidding optimization

The word "

is now very popular big data, but we are in the big data era of rapid development, how to find business opportunities from these data, we found that the companies / products at this stage of the problem is the basic condition for business survival. Back to business, we are talking about the bidding data analysis process, how to start bidding analysis, and find out the problems in each link, such as account level, landing page, customer service and so on. Next, we will explain each aspect of the data analysis in detail. read more

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