December 18 2018

first_imgDecember 18 , 2018 FareShare: Combating food waste at retail is a ben … Demand for ‘imperfect’ produce prompts Oddbox … From the pages of Jim Prevor’s Perishable PunditJohn Bovay has been wowing audiences at The New York Produce Show and Conference for the past two years. He always has a way of researching the hot topics of the day – this year it is Food Waste. We asked Pundit Investigator and Special Projects Editor Mira Slott to find out more:John BovayAssistant Professor andExtension EconomistDept. of Agricultural andResource EconomicsUniversity of ConnecticutQ: At last year’s New York Produce Show, you covered  GMO and Non-GMO Food Labels: Implications Of The New Federal Law For Growers, Marketers, And Consumers. And two years ago, food safety impacts. Now you take a hard and questioning look at calls and mandates for food waste reduction. You certainly don’t shy away from hot topics.Food waste concerns are escalating. Policies to reduce food waste have reached heightened levels on a local, state, national and global scale. It’s not clear what impacts this will have on the produce industry. The economics of food waste seem complicated. We’re excited to learn more about your research to better understand the issues and implications, as well as what actions executives should take….A: What you say is true. Here are some links for more information on USDA, EPA and United Nation food waste reduction policies.” alt=”last_img” /> read more

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