Tourist guides are asking for a reaction from the Ministry of Tourism due to non-implementation of the Law on Provision of Services in Tourism

first_imgThe Association of Croatian Tourist Guides (ZDTVH) sent a letter to the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia with the aim of MINT reacting to the non-implementation of the Law on Providing Services in Tourism, ie problems with tourist guides illegally leading groups of tourists to our protected areas.After numerous colleagues who met with our colleagues from Slovenia and other EU countries who regularly illegally visit our cities – protected sites, I had a personal meeting in the middle of Trogir with a colleague from Slovenia who told me that she applied to the contact point and has approval to run in Croatia, points out spec.univ. Kristina Nuić Prka, LLB, President of the Association of Croatian Tourist Guides, adds ” It follows from the above that guides who have received approval on the basis of temporary and occasional activities are not informed that they can not perform the activities of a local tourist guide in protected areas without a special exam?It is interesting that in the commentary of our publication of the provisions of the Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism, the secretary of the Club of Professional Guides of Slovenia addressed me, threatening lawsuits against Croatia with the Court of Justice of the European Union. It should also be noted that I addressed all foreign embassies in the Republic of Croatia and national guides’ associations and (except Italy) received a reply from all stating that unfortunately they could not send a list of their protected sites because it depends on local levels of government. Therefore, we ask for the reaction of the Ministry of Tourism, given the non-implementation of the law. ”Concludes Nuić Prka and adds that she also officially addressed MINT and expects a reaction, as well as the adoption of a list of protected sites.By the way, the list of protected sites in Croatia should have been adopted by the Ministry of Tourism, in accordance with the new one Law on the provision of services in tourism which came into force in early 2018, but to date no decision has been made on protected sites.We single out from the Law on the provision of services in tourism.the provision of tourist guide services to citizens of another Contracting State to the Treaty on the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation on a temporary or occasional basis is regulated in such a way that it can provide tourist guide services in the Republic of Croatia, except in or in protected areas; this equates the position of the above tourist guides with Croatian tourist guides who have passed only the general part of the professional exam:Authorization is given to the Minister of Tourism to prescribe, with the prior opinion of the Minister responsible for culture and nature protection, a rulebook for a list of protected sites (localities) which would be narrower than the current list of tourist sites (localities) by counties, and which would not include public areas, city squares, forests, parks and the like;Tourist guides are interpreters of cultural heritage, we must care how our story is told.However, all this is a negative implication in accordance with the amendments to the Law on Provision of Services in Tourism, which has just allowed foreign tourist guides to tell the story they want about our history without any control or education, ie they believe it is accurate and sufficient. our localities. Although the Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism states that tourist guides can only guide protected areas with a specially passed exam, which is certainly positive and protects our cultural heritage, chaos and anarchy still reign on the ground.To make the absurd even bigger, as the Ordinance on protected localities should have been adopted 60 days after the entry into force of the Law, and to date it has not been adopted, so the current old list of protected localities from 2008.godine. While we think, set up working groups and make slow decisions and thus stagnate, tour guides do what they want without control. Another absurd situation in our tourism.Accurate and quality interpretation is key. We need to care about the story being told about our history, heritage, identity, way of life and culture.last_img read more

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