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first_imgroomsXML on Si – “If we can help, we will”As reported in many media outlets, the demise of Si Holidays is having a negative impact on Individual agents, travelers and the perception of the travel industry as a whole.  A lot of hopes and dreams, including those of the people who created Si, are evaporating.roomsXML MD Mark Luckey says “We’ve been contacted by a lot of agents asking if we can help them out. If you booked with Si and have lost your reservation and are going to be financially hurt, be in touch, send through some proof and we will give 10% off our net rates for that item.“Its not a lot, but we will help if we can, even though we will be running those bookings at a loss. If we can help at all, let us know, whether you are an existing customer or not.”When asked why roomsXML would step in , Luckey stated “roomsXML’s customer is the travel agent.  In most cases, travellers will be looking to agents to help and then blame them if help can’t be found. We want agents, the people in the industry to survive and thrive, so if we can help, we will.”On the broader topic of travel companies going bust, Luckey has mixed feelings.  “It’s been a tough few years for a lot of business – look how many franchise groups are collapsing. Every week another historical retailer shuts up shop or has it shut for them.  From clothing retailers to donut’s to fresh food delivery.“Disruption is sweeping change through many industries. I am not going to buy into the TCF/ATAS debate. As far as ATAS goes, we were one of the first wholesalers to sign up and support.“To protect agents, every wholesaler in Australia with over $10m turnover should have to be externally and independently audited.  If a company has directors that have run other businesses into the ground leaving debts, agents should ask why.“Agents need consider all risks, from rates that change with currency fluctuations, the cost of poor service and support through to understanding incentives and points schemes.  There are a lot of smoke and mirrors , but due diligence should help agents find answers. Ask the questions and if the answers don’t stack up, look beyond saving a few bucks on their next booking and think longer term. “We have been externally audited by Standard and Poors and achieved a High credit worthiness rating.  We also have ISO accreditation.  For agents, this says we are an efficient business, we are transparent we are accountable, we can be trusted to deliver when you pay.For agents who would like support with Si bookings , contact roomsXML with details [email protected] roomsXML – More Suppliers, Hot Deals learn more about here Source = ETB Travel Newslast_img read more

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