Official Minecraft Lego sets may be coming your way

first_imgWe’re not sure they’ll be here in time for the holidays, but it’s looking like official Minecraft Lego sets will be for sale in the not-too-distant future, co-developed by developer Mojang and the original house of blocks.Lego runs a crowdsourcing site called Cuusoo, where users can submit their own designs and the most popular ones are put into production. The company also offers a 1% royalty to creators whose ideas are sold, and Mojang has already promised its cut to charity.Mojang’s community team wrote on Facebook that Lego contacted the studio and asked them for their own submission to Cuusoo. The indie game team obliged and put together a page on the crowdsourcing site, suggesting that Minecraft and Lego “were meant to be together” since one builds with blocks in the virtual world and the other builds with blocks in the real world.Not surprisingly, fans had already put that two-and-two together, so this wasn’t the first Minecraft-related submission to Cuusoo. In fact, there had already been a slew of unofficial requests for the Minecraft/Lego mash-up, and Mojang is collaborating with some of the previous unofficial requesters to give shape to the final, official products. The playset pictured above is one such example that already came from the Cuusoo community.Lego isn’t the only big-name company to give the indie sensation game some love. Just last week, in fact, Valve gave Notch (Minecraft’s creator) a one-of-a-kind appearance in Team Fortress 2, which happens to be one of his favorite games.Also unsurprisingly, Minecraft fans have gone wild. With more than four million rabid fans, Lego’s servers were slammed following the announcement and temporarily taken offline to account for the scale of users now hitting Cuusoo. If you’d like to make that four-million-and-one, hit the Cuusoo link below.In the meantime, it’s a pretty safe bet that those extra-blocky Legos will be hitting a store near you pretty soon.via Facebook, Cuusoolast_img read more

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