Microsoft will be revised simplified page design

version of the search results page


industry insiders believe that Microsoft may realize, even surpass Google in the algorithm, can still win with a simple design. The following details of this revision:

technology news Beijing time on May 2nd afternoon news, Microsoft today on the Bing search engine for a comprehensive revision. With the increasing content of Google tools and social practice, the new version will be completely abandoned in the design of the left column, replaced by a group at the top of a more refreshing link. read more

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How to avoid being a website and Solutions

does not understand Shanghai Longfeng novice, often to the title of the site is very long. In the title tag, Keywords tag, description tag, often piled up a lot of words (more than 10). Think, this is conducive to the rankings, in fact, this kind of not only not conducive to ranking, engine may also be considered to be no real content, trash content, if the website of this kind of articles more, is also very easy to be sealed; there are some people, love put a lot of keywords in the footer for no reason, what are put inside. This is the wrong way, but also the website was sealed a problem very common. read more

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Watching Silicon Valley hacker Dojo you can be poor, only dreamCat eye failure enlightenment not afr

continued to make losses in the restaurant, takeaway business group to afford to go to the capital market’s split, independent financing, financing frequent failures, big cat had to be prompted new sale to light media.

commitment is not the light of cat’s eye "home", but more sad fate begin to push each other. Light information was announced acquisition of cat’s eye, the market generally look bad, the stock price plunged more than light. As a listed company, the light media need to be responsible for all shareholders, the lack of strength against the Internet giants burn, just took over, announced a massive vote to fill, accept > read more

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Sina Web site included skillsThe credibility of Taobao’s money making is questionable

customers can earn post is to let a person feel do not, as if the sky out of money down as long as the bend to pick up on the line, my opinion is now clear, to say the network to make money, the most reputable and guaranteed or shlf1314 and sh419 advertising, alimama advertising that hang it is often 0 a few income, looks too shabby, is equal to no, I still believe in the possibility of network industry, advertising is far greater than the user point of advertising after the possibility of consumption, and now Taobao shops have put the price to kill to the extreme, the owner may start to accumulate popularity, willing to share a part of the interests of others, but will be long? To withdraw the withdrawal, you also have no temper, but that there are so many Taobao stores after the commission can have profit. Originally earned is a small profit, gave a commission, but the price is not higher than other stores, how difficult. read more

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How to seduce spider crawling after the revision of the website

: the first to insist that the one-time successful revision

second: adhere to the good location site

is now the webmaster, estimated until 12 go to bed after a lot of today, a busy day, waiting for a spider to crawl your site, let Baidu give you update the website for weight high website, website update is very stable, but for a just online website or, just after the revision of the website, how can better lure spiders? Today blog website optimization, and talk about how to lure spider crawling flat after the revision of the website. read more

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Joking between Shanghai Longfeng optimization and seven common love

in love between lovers, and hope that the other is on the live, when needed can be found, if Gesanchaiwu not people, then the good temper of the lovers would be angry, but the Shanghai dragon has always stressed that server space optimization is safe and reliable, if Gesanchaiwu server space problem, downtime phenomenon no, the spider crawling our website, so our website naturally can not have a good ranking.


love appearance is not the most important, but if too long sorry audience, estimated this love is difficult to start, even though not handsome is not your fault, but also need to dress up, show respect for each other, and web design website is the same, we should design reasonable "look, let the user feel comfortable, and conducive to the search engine crawl site, try not to use FLASH, JS effects, this is not conducive to search engine included. read more

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The judgment method about Shanghai dragon website optimization effect

third: website internal and external links the quantity and quality of growth of

Shanghai dragon

by the Shanghai dragon website optimization, after a period of time, with the increase of the chain and the keywords ranking to improve, generally will bring some traffic to the site, and the traffic is a judgment method. Under normal circumstances, will flow with website optimization, except occasionally occur repeatedly, a general trend is rising. Therefore, we can according to different site size and different industry site, to set a reasonable flow growth criterion is a feasible method. read more

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What are the methods of how to optimize mall site

first, need to recognize website, understand its advantages and disadvantages, so you can be sure, its features are as follows:

3, visitors from all over the world, not subject to geographical restrictions.

1, mall website for online store, mainly providing a variety of information and goods for customers.

column, were not free to set the mall site optimization too many columns, need to choose the name of delicate, simple, let people understand at a glance, two similar products need to be placed in the same column. read more

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The website was 3 malicious solution mirror

recently used mirror site operation station is rampant, almost everywhere can see the shadow in the mirror, the head of the community, love Shanghai QQ group Shanghai Longfeng webmaster circle, and is often encountered by malicious friends on the site to discuss their own mirror. Today Beijing bird technology will give you just talked about, meet the mirror site phenomenon we can do.


1, Shanghai love search results report

bird love Shanghai science and technology search results:

how to determine your company’s website is the mirror site read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform search new exclusive forum template, hot open beta


second, submitted to the site and verify the ownership of the site to verify the specific attribution method visible help documentation 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/166.

search tools address: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/guide/index; love Shanghai or visit search 贵族宝贝zn.baidu贵族宝贝/ into new home.

dear webmaster,

The first step of

more features highlights you to

please account information Webmaster Platform will need to apply for the beta qualification information and website through the official mailbox [email protected]贵族宝贝 sent to Webmaster Platform mail, the website for application has been tested in the Webmaster Platform on site. read more

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