The user experience can be stable ranking

Second The first kind of

why is rickety? I have seen a lot in the seventh bit and tenth bit >

the user experience can be stable ranking! Actually this word, in every day to see the A5 article we also should have deep experience. For those who do not have much substantive content, the editor of the A5 is not allowed by the author recently submitted a lot of essays also failed, for submission, we can not simply ran outside the chain of high quality to have heart to their usual need to write. Have finished their carefully read several times, but also as far as possible without typos. In order to better meet the people every day to see article A5. read more

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Vulnerable user experience really ready yet

in the Internet every day, and every day we have on the website which have? Why are we on them (this is not PS:, you know). The answer is obvious, because we need to. Love Shanghai, Sina, QQ is not from most people, including me, Taobao, Ganji is often logged in to the site. A careful analysis of their success mainly on two points:

a successful website experience may not be successful

It is without rhyme or reason. harassment, and even human flesh, no privacy in the internet.

and portal site for user groups. read more

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Analysis of the T technical team in the role of search engine optimization


codes according to your requirements

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er all know as long as the code meets W3C standards, it is not for your SEO rankings as a big impact. We use the most daily station system is in line with the W3C standard, but I want to say with is not necessarily the best. We should strive for excellence as Shanghai dragon. For example, we used the Dede station system, the template will be found that too much use js calls if you check it (this feature does not conform to the W3C standard), and a number of other problems. Some people may think that this will not be too Big deal, because of the influence of the rankings almost No. But if it is qualified as a web designer, they will consider these small problems for you to achieve the optimal code. To improve the efficiency of code. The camel is the last straw, these problems might be your ranking difference a little bit. read more

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About the fight against cheating chain of several major questions


" on the upgrading of hyperlink cheating algorithm to combat "the announcement that no cross round the value chain of web page or site set up to create a large number of". The search engine for web site or is of no value judgment standard is what? We all know that no value "is not helpful" to the user, but each page is a specific user, each page inside information contains more or less value. There is a search engine to capture ", as to whether there is value" on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, it is difficult to have an accurate judgment. read more

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Keywords ranking into love Shanghai home summary


love K station in Shanghai, many sites have been damaged in varying degrees: some site snapshot no, domain is not in the home, not the key words…… So we have to open our eyes to find Links, get a peer site when we first in the webmaster tools query under its weight, the PR value, snapshot, based on these meet again on the input in Shanghai search engine: domain:www.**贵族宝贝, if the query is not in the home if you don’t consider, if the above are in line with the congratulations on this site is a qualified chain. Now because of love Shanghai, want to exchange to a high quality chain is not easy, so now we have to look down, as long as the website of the other side and we are the same, the most important thing is not to be in love with the sea K, even if it is a qualified chain. Such a chain for more than some of us is very good, but every day in two or so. read more

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How to judge their own website content is not in accordance with the needs of users

third is PV, in fact this is similar with the second point, of course, if your PV is high, the user is the love of your web site, your implicit demand mining well, to solve the user’s problem. In turn, you lower the PV that your content may not meet the users.

In fact, these three points should be combined with the

in will see more value together, will be more comprehensive look inside factors, rather than individual to see them. If the next time you meet a single web site keywords ranking drop the case you’re going to love you back to look at the statistics of Shanghai is not out of the rate is too high, the residence time is too short, too little PV. If this is really the case, then you should immediately search the key analysis of the current user needs, and grasp its layout in the website, and make the subsequent mining demand and implicit demand, believe that your site keywords ranking will be back soon. read more

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The real station share the chain and included how we respond to the instability

, a good state of mind.A friend of

the last three days of the chain and the content included are normal, increases and reduced, but the chain and included exon 12.16 is not normal. Figure

share: before I often encounter this situation, an increase of more than 400 between the chain of the night. But the rankings are falling, snapshots stop. But then I is how to operate. Before the promotion is 20 forums and 5 blog friends >


love for Shanghai this situation is too normal, because we also know love Shanghai algorithm is constantly adjusted, doomed the webmaster we follow the love behind go Shanghai. Then we analyze these chain growth and decrease, and increase and decrease content of reason. The first reason is love Shanghai self adjustment caused. Second reasons for their excessive optimization, such as increasing fierce outside the chain, or the contents of the article are not updated, pseudo original too many situations. Then we solve these problems. Solution: the best chain manual regular increase in the use of the mass of the chain, don’t use the collector to collect the content, appropriate to update the original articles. On the basis of good mentality and two solutions, this situation is not difficult to solve. If the operation will lead to excessive K station, you were in the operation to the attention of the. read more

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The RSS is turned off, a nternet era has ended

In fact, About

blog later became RSS > decadent decline

RSS has already fallen not what happens, from the business in recent years, the RSS index has declined across the board, the number of users has been plunged. At present, although the number of RSS users is still very large, in one million level, but for an already listed Internet Co, not cut the development potential of the business, to focus on high-quality resources becomes more and more important, at this point, Google is doing on. read more

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Watch the mall site love Shanghai algorithm


second, the content of smooth degree.

for such a small website, they are given the weight of love of Shanghai is relatively low, the fundamental reason is that this type of website needs to be greater than the purchase demand, and it provides the content of information and can not be compared to other B2B platform and Alibaba. Because of this, the small mall site to get high weight is really difficult to

in the face of this situation, don’t store website promotion only fate? This is obviously not the love of Shanghai mall websites still have some intuitive algorithm rules, as long as the clever use of mall website promotion is very simple. This is today the author Dennis to introduce two kinds of needle for small mall site rules algorithm. read more

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Website optimization needs to be outward first

from the title, this is not about an article of war. The KMT government from the first source is about the beginning of the Song Dynasty to Song Taizong said Zhaopu suriko "Chinese both ANN Yi from the service group. Therefore, for resisting foreign aggression, the first inside." It is in the external and internal circumstances, we should start to worry, to win the final victory. So in today’s Shanghai dragon industry, how do we understand the

as a webmaster, every day we observe a variety of data, particularly important is the keywords ranking. Look at the ranking of each day is stagnant, as practitioners, but also more and more big pressure. Many owners think that the article not included, not updated snapshot, keywords ranking does not rise but declined and so on a series of factors of love for Shanghai spiders don’t climb to your site by. So, how to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai to climb their own website page read more

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