Expats Success Has Positive Impact on Moroccos Development Minister

Rabat – The success of Moroccan expats in their host countries will necessarily reflect back on the Kingdom’s march of development, said minister of the Moroccan expatriate community and migration affaires, Anis Birou.“Moroccans of the world contribute socially, economically and culturally to the march of development of our country,” Birou told MAP on the occasion of the National Migrant’s Day (August 10).Academic success of the Moroccan community abroad contributes positively to the rise of future active and influential actors in the socio-economic and cultural fields within host countries, he stressed. Concerning challenges facing the Moroccan community, Birou notably underlined the need to preserve the identity of Moroccan expats in order to strengthen their attachment to their homeland, while taking advantage of the dual belonging to both Morocco and their host countries.“Moroccans of the world are real ambassadors of the Kingdom thanks to their exemplary integration, respect for others, tolerance and openness”, added the minister.