Polish First Ladys Trump Snub Goes Viral

Rabat – There are those who will say he had it coming, but US President, Donald Trump, could not hide his surprise when Poland’s First Lady very publicly refused to shake his hand during his official state visit on Thursday.In a bright red suit that made her impossible to be mistaken for someone else, Poland’s first Lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, has become the star of a new video taking social media by storm.As the video plays, Trump and US First Lady, Melania, are being greeted by the Polish President, Andrzej Duda. Trump can be seen clearly stepping forward to greet the First Lady of Poland. Instead of accepting his handshake, however, Kornhauser-Duda deliberately strides in front of Trump to offer Melania a warm greeting.Left somewhat on his own for a few seconds, Trump’s expression speaks for itself.Trump’s greetings of heads of state have been the subject of much social media furor since he took office in January. Each awkward handshake is anticipated with great curiousity and scrutinized mercilessly.Also the subject of much social media speculation, has been Trump’s very public history of vitriolicconfrontations with women, earning him a reputation as a bully and a misogynist.Kornhauser-Duda’s side-stepping of Trump will surely go down as one of the most obvious snubs any US President has suffered while carrying out his official duties.