Hirak Medical Examinations Show No Sign of Torture Public Prosecutor Says

Rabat – While Hirak activists have repeatedly claimed that they were tortured in prison, during their most recent  hearing, the public prosecutor has once again refuted their allegations for being “unfounded.” On January 9, during a tumultuous hearing,  the Defense Committee once again claimed that the detainees were exposed to mistreatment and torture in contempt of the prosecutor’s dismissal, who referred to their claims as  “unfounded”. “Allegations of torture of the defendants are baseless,” he said. The Public Prosecutor’s office assured that they did not find any evidence of violence committed against the detainees.  Physical examinations and medical reports confirm the absence of any trace of violence, he continued.Further, he said that the wiretaps, searches and seizures and interrogations of the Hirak detainees were conducted in strict compliance with the law.The hearing was once again postponed, as the tension between the defense and the public prosecutor rises. The detainees will be heard next Friday in the Casablanca Court of Appeal.