Equifax says it will update Canadians this week but did not quantify

TORONTO — Equifax Inc. says it intends to provide an update this week to Canadians on the impact of the massive data breach it recently suffered, but would not say how many individuals north of the border may have had their personal information compromised.The credit data company told The Canadian Press that this update will include how Equifax intends to notify any potentially impacted individuals.Canada’s privacy commissioner said Friday that it started a probe into the cyberattack and Equifax has committed to contacting Canadians whose data may be at risk in writing as soon as possible.Equifax said on Sept. 7 that it fell victim to a massive cyberattack in the summer that may have compromised the personal data of 143 million Americans and an undisclosed number of Canadian and U.K. residents.Equifax has since said that approximately 400,000 U.K. individuals may have been affected, but has not quantified the number of Canadians whose data may have been stolen.Equifax says on its Canadian website that the personal information that may have been breached includes names, addresses and social insurance numbers.