New EDEM 25 bulk material behaviour modelling solution released

first_imgDEM Solutions, the company offering a range of engineering applications for its discrete element method (DEM) simulation solutions, has announced the release of EDEM 2.5 Software with increased scalability and performance to simulate complex bulk particle processes required by the global equipment manufacturing and process industries. The EDEM solver is highly parallelised for operation on multi-core shared memory parallel computers, delivering the fastest and most scalable DEM simulation on the market.EDEM 2.5 further expands the functionality of the EDEM API to model particle processes such as drying, sorption, coating and comminution involved in manufacturing processes in industries including minerals processing and metals manufacturing. “EDEM provides an easy-to-use yet highly extensible platform for modeling a wide range of particle-scale physics and multi-physics through co-simulation with CFD and EMAG solvers,” stated Dr John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions. “EDEM 2.5’s new API capabilities provide engineers an enhanced set of capabilities for simulation of particle processes such as particle breakage in crushing and milling of ore in comminution circuits…EDEM 2.5 expands on the existing capability to customise the properties of each particle, contacts with other particles and interaction with equipment and surrounding fluid or EMAG fields by enabling the size and shape of particles to change, as well as dynamic creation and disappearance of particles in response to the physical process conditions.”EDEM 2.5 Simulator and new API’s enable advanced DEM simulation capabilities for optimising product design of equipment that handle or process bulk particles by enabling application-specific simulation of bulk particle behavior in manufacturing processes. Industry applications to benefit from EDEM 2.5 enhanced capabilities include simulation of crushing and milling of ore used in design and optimization of comminution equipment to better control the interaction between the bulk material and the equipment surfaces to increase product yield, prolong equipment life and reduce risk of malfunction.Favier added, “Almost every manufacturing industry handles or processes bulk particles and can benefit from the use of simulation to improve the performance of their equipment and processes involving particles, reduce design prototyping time and costs, and increase process efficiency and product innovation. Simulation of bulk particles requires a particle-based modelling approach uniquely provided by DEM. The technology, while compute-intensive, employs parallel computing that allows application within engineering workflows. EDEM 2.5 Simulator is the most advanced DEM solver on the market and provides customers with a highly scalable, compute-efficient solution for large-scale, data intensive DEM simulation of complex particle processes on multi-core shared memory computer systems. DEM Solutions continues to innovate to bring greater benefits to the manufacturing and process industries, and with EDEM 2.5 we aim to provide customers with the most cost-efficient, scalable and advanced DEM simulation-based engineering tool to meet their application needs.”last_img