6 Christmas castoffs that are definitely lying around your house right now

first_img1. A half-eaten Fudge barThe Fudge bar is the undisputed red-wrappered stepchild of the selection box.There’s definitely a discarded one lying on a sideboard or under the couch right now. Source: roboppyThere might even be a full one in a selection box.To be honest, you’ll be glad of it come 2 January.2. Plastic tiesOn Christmas morning there was a frenzied need to break these open and release to delicious toys inside. Source: MyoperaNow, they lie discarded, a mere plaything for bored cats. Source: WordPress Source: BlogSpot3. A Roses/Quality street tin full of pink ones Source: FlickrOf course, you could be a Strawberry Dream-loving family, in which case this is your nightmare: Source: @gabmeatsix4. A fortune telling fishJust one of many crap Christmas crackers rejects littering your post-Christmas funk. Source: LondonperfectSee also: Source: X-entertainment5. Mystery batteriesAre they old or new? Did you take them out of something or are they ready to go into something.THERE’S NO WAY OF KNOWING! Source: anaulin6. YouYou were going to get off the couch, but Mary Poppins is about to start.Maybe you’ll have a Strawberry Dream after all. They’re not that bad… Source: Mr. FlegChocolate bars: A definitive ranking, from worst to best>last_img