Samsung Galaxy Tab to become hacker proof with new firmware

first_imgWe would never underestimate the ability of hackers to root a device, but it looks like Samsung will: they’re about to roll out a new firmware update for the Galaxy Tab which they think will make it hack proof.According to people experimenting on new builds of the firmware, the new JM6 A, C and D builds Samsung is playing with have bootloaders that are signed and will prevent unauthorized firmware from running. When the new firmware is installed, all existing jailbreaks, roots and custom firmware will simply cease to work. The good news here is that this signed bootloader isn’t necessarily going to be rolled out to Galaxy Tab owners: later builds of the same firmware, in fact, eschew the signed bootloader all together. For jailbreakers — or even legitimate customers who worry that Samsung might drop Android support for the Galaxy Tab and that they’ll have to load a custom version of Honeycomb on their tablet themselves — this is worrying. However, hackers are an indefatigable and ingenious lot. Let’s not forget that Samsung’s approach here is very similar to the approach HTC took making the T-Mobile G2 “unhackable…” an approach which has since been thwarted.Read more at Electronistalast_img