iPhone 5 in 2011 No but 3GS may go free

first_imgOn Monday we had an analyst from Deutsche Bank predicting that Apple would release both an iPhone 5 and cheaper iPhone 4S in September. That made sense from the viewpoint that Apple wants to grab the mid and budget phone users just when RIM is struggling and Nokia is shifting to Windows Phone 7.But while one analyst believes that scenario, another predictably does not. Keith Bachman of BMO Capital Markets has stated that the iPhone 5 will be a mid-2012 launch for Apple. So that leaves the iPhone 4S to launch in September, right? Not so according to Mike Abramsky of RBC who doesn’t think either the iPhone 5 or 4S will appear in 2011.AdChoices广告So can we expect to see anything announced in the area of smartphones this year by Apple? Abramsky has a theory on that too. The price of the iPhone 4 will drop to $99 and remaining stocks of the 3GS will be offered free to carriers making for some very tempting end-of-year contracts if you don’t mind the ageing hardware of the 3GS.While we understand Apple doesn’t like to announce things until they are ready, the rumors that keep appearing are going to cause growing frustration for users. It’s not just a case of waiting for a device to be launched, it’s a matter of deciding which phone to get on a two-year contract essentially blocking another smartphone purchase for 24 months without incurring high fees.As is usually the case, if you want a next-generation iPhone you are just going to have to sit and wait for Apple to announce a release date. It would be a surprise if Apple didn’t announce something in September, it would also be surprising if it only involved the 3GS going free, especially as Apple will be wanting to push iOS 5 going forward.Read more at PCMag and SAIlast_img