Nokia design chief envisions totally portfree phones

first_imgSteve Jobs loved clean, minimal designs. He rather famously hated cables and buttons, and he’s certainly not the only person in the tech industry to feel that gadgets should be uncluttered and beautiful. Nokia‘s design chief Marko Ahtisaari feels the same way. In speaking with The Guardian, Ahtisaari hinted at a future where Nokia phones have no moving parts — and perhaps no ports whatsoever.Nokia’s current flagship phones are certainly headed that way. When its updated Lumia Windows Phone designs are unveiled this fall, they’ll be ditching the tiny plastic tab that covers the phone’s microUSB port. That could be just the first step in the beautification process. “Take it to the extreme,” says Ahtisaari, “and why are there any connectors?”That’s certainly not as radical an idea in 2012 as it might once have been. Cords aren’t required for charging any more — inductive charging options abound, and HP/Palm proved that they work quite nicely with phones and tablets. They’re certainly not needed for data transfer when 802.11 wireless connectivity and Bluetooth are readily available. Really, the headphone jack might be the last remaining connection point that’s actually required.Stereo Bluetooth headphones have come a long way, but for the most part they’re still not quite up to snuff with their corded counterparts — at least as far as audio purists are concerned. Perhaps the arrival of Bluetooth 4.0 in devices like the iPhone 4S will lead to cord-free cans that offer impeccable audio fidelity without sacrificing battery life. Once they’re readily available, however, there’s still the minor issue of all those other devices that utilize a headphone jack to transfer audio from your phone, like car stereos and bookshelf systems.Personally, I can’t wait for a connector-free phone. It’d be nice to own a device that was impervious to pocket crumbs.More at The Guardianlast_img