Michigan Brewery Introduces First Beer Named by a Neural Network

first_img PewDiePie Pulls $50,000 Pledge to Anti-Hate Group After Fan BacklashPolice Arrest Dutch YouTubers for Trespassing Area 51 Site Stay on target It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re watching the game and hanging out with friends. You reach for another cold one…Will it be a Midnight Shale stout or a Borb! IPA?Those are just two of the “trendy” beer names generated by Janelle Shane’s artificial intelligence platform.Inspired by her recent attempt to name craft beers (River Smush Hopper Amber Ale, anyone?), the research scientist trained her neural network on “hundreds of thousands” of entries from BeerAdvocate.com.And what she got—”a bunch of semi-plausible but nonexistent beers”—is expectedly hilarious: Spulgican’s Chocolate Coconut Pamper sounds less like an IPA on tap at the bar, and more like something scrawled across the glossy cover of a drugstore face mask.Shane’s AI is earning a (well-deserved) reputation across the Internet—it even caught the eye of Old Nation Brewing in Williamston, Mich. Nearly finished brewing a new beer, the distillery still hasn’t found a name for it. Enter the neural network.“They explained what kinds of keywords they were looking for: juice, haz, New England, Vermont, citra, Belgium, spicy, clove, saison, farmhouse, ‘all these trendy new hazy IPA names,’” Shane explained in a blog post.“I searched my database for any beer names having to do with these keywords, and threw them all into the mix for the neural network,” she continued. “It worked.”Not all were winners: Shane shared some of the “rejects” online, starting with the lowest-creativity output, which garnered a lot of saisons (a highly carbonated pale ale), including one of my favorites, Monkey Free Stand Saison.More inventiveness, oddly, produces more primates, and more far-from-tenable titles: Stick Lake, Summer Death, Star Dance, A Shit Farmhouse Ale, Friend Saison Fromp.“At an even higher creativity setting, the neural network’s unpredictability increases,” Shane said. “It begins making up more words. It begins swearing. It starts taking liberties with English, as well as French, grammar.“Old National Brewing chose a name from this creativity level,” she said, unveiling the “very first beer named by a neural network”: The Fine Stranger.A “blend of Old World and New,” the drink combines a “strong, peppery, fruity Belgian Saison yeast strain with the low-bitterness/high-flavor hop goodness of the New England style,” according to the company.The Fine Stranger is coming soon to liquor stores—in Michigan.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img