Sony is planning a Killzone 3 PS3 bundle

first_imgWe have Amazon’s French website to thank for this bit of news. It should come as no surprise that Sony has decided to release a new PS3 console bundle that includes a copy of Killzone 3 and a 320GB console.The release date is listed as February 23. U.S. gamers get the game on its own on February 22, so we assume you’ll get the bundle a day earlier than Europe too. The price on Amazon France is 348 euros, which is $478. But that’s not representative due to taxes and we think it will most likely be around $379 in the U.S.If you’re not sure about wanting the game then don’t fret, the demo is out on February 15 giving you a chance to try it (on a friend’s PS3) before deciding to buy the bundle a week later.Read more at Destructoidlast_img