5 Comics For Wrinkle In Time Fans To Dive Into

first_img Excited for the new A Wrinkle In Time movie? We are too! Ava Duvernay’s wickedly gorgeous film adapted from Madeleine L’engle’s novel with the same name has the potential to blow us and audiences away. It’s got us at Geek thinking about some cool comics for any and all fans of A Wrinkle in Time.These comics aren’t exactly like the movie. However, if you’re looking for adventures in time and space, cool lead characters, stories filled with friendship and wonder. You might want to look into these cool comics books to satisfy your love for the book and movies.The Backstagers Vol. 1(W): James Tynion IV (A): Rian Sygh (C): Walter Baiamonte, Brittany Peer (L): Jim CampbellWhen I think of A Wrinkle In Time, I think of the puzzling, exciting and wondrous world backstage with our favorite boys. James Tynion IV and Rian Sygh create a unique and extraordinary story about friendship and the power of being a team (also love, there’s a little bit of love in there too). The boys not only have to deal with some backstage mixtures of time and space. They also encounter strange creatures that roam the halls through mazes. Fantastic rooms are WAY more intricate than anything they can build. Super creepy entities from the past trying to escape and so much more. The Backstagers and A Wrinkle In Time present a fascinating portrayal of teamwork, delightful underdog characters, and adventure that will leave you mind-boggled and friendship that lasts a lifetime.Seconds(W/A): Bryan O’Malley, (DA): Jason Fischer (C): Nathan Fairbairn (L): Dustin HarbinThe first time I read Seconds, I described it to a friend as “A Wrinkle In Time meets Scott Pilgrim, but deeper than both of them combined.” Spoilers: I let her borrow it. She agreed with me. Bryan O’ Malley’s follow-up to the highly loved Scott Pilgrim creates a stunning, yet heartbreakingly triumphant narrative of a super talented, and a bit narcissistic, chef Katie. Katie tries to make everything in her life as perfect as she wants it to be. Or as she needs it to be. She often has recurring dreams of a woman, in modern clothes who sits on her dresser, watching her. Katie finds to make her life perfect she needs magic mushrooms from this mysterious woman, who turns out to be a House spirit. If you haven’t read Seconds, the description that I have will entirely make sense to you once you read this masterpiece.via Ballantine BooksA Wrinkle In Time: Graphic Novel(W/I): Hope LarsonI know, I know. This one is a bit of a cop-out. However, if you’re a Wrinkle In Time fan, you should check out Hope Larson’s beautiful adaptation of the classic story. She gives the story a fluid, yet delicate visual spin. A Wrinkle In Time has been adapted in so many ways. In our wonderous comic medium, it gives it new energy and vibe to what we read in the book. Filtering out the different visual lenses can be tough though, so Larson really makes this her own. This graphic novel feels like Larson’s love letter to the novel. It’s slow-burning, free-flowing and carries L’Engle’s language from words to astonishing art.Zojaqan(W): Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, (A): Nathan Gooden, (C): Vittorio Astone, (L): Dero BennettVault Comics carries some of the best and note-worthy comics we’ve been sleeping on. One of the coolest titles Vault has come out within their first slate of science fiction/fantasy comics is Zojagon. Created by Collin Lang and Jackson Lanzing with art by Nathan Gooden and stunningly gorgeous pastels by Vittorio Astone, this team creates a comic that a Wrinkle In Time fan will surely enjoy. This comic takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with high stakes adventure. Zojagon centers around Shannon Kind, a woman who has suffered from an unimaginable tragedy and lands in an unknown world called Zojagon. Why would a Wrinkle In Time fan love this? The emotional journey, the beautiful and brilliant alien landscape, a strong, robust POC lead character and a story that’s out of this world. Literally.via Vault ComicsHilda(W/I): Luke Person Here’s a book that was suggested to me after reading A Wrinkle in Time. My friend who’s a massive fan of A Wrinkle In Time said I should check out the books of Hilda. Hildafolk, created by Luke Pearson, is a collection of stories about a little girl named Hilda. She goes on misadventures into a mysterious and odd world right outside her tent, with magic and wonder to tie it all together. I fell in love with these books the moment I opened the pages. I would describe it as Over The Garden Wall meets A Wrinkle in Time. Not because of what’s in the book but because of the astonishing world-building and intensely cool characters. Luke Pearson weaves together a whimsical and charming story. It will not only touch you but makes you want to go on adventures as well. With the ever adorable Hilda guiding you into this world, you’ll never want to let go. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. 11 Female Directors Who Followed Their Own Rules11 Young Adult Novels That Are Surprisingly Mature For Their Age center_img Stay on targetlast_img