Colin If Golden State sweeps the playoffs theyre the greatest NBA team

first_img If the Warriors win the title and go 16-0 in the Playoffs, or even lose a game, Colin would give the nod to the Warriors over MJ. He thinks the gap between them and Chicago offensively is greater than the defensive gap.Cleveland has two sure fire Hall of Famers and a nice roster. They can’t compete. Jordan was pushed deep into series by Stockton and Malone.That’s the best best basketball team, professionally, I’ve ever seen. They’ve lost one game since March. Michael Jordan was pushed to six games by Indiana teams that never won a title. New York teams with one shooter.”[email protected]: If the Warriors win in 4 or 5, they’ll unseat LeBron as the NBA’s #1 talking point. That’s the best NBA team I’ve ever seen.— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) June 5, 2017 Advertisement The Warriors dismantled the Cavs for the second straight games of the 2017 NBA Finals, and although Cleveland was able to mount a comeback and win the the title last year, this year feels different.Today in The Herd, Colin said that if the Warriors sweep the Cavs and 16-0 -or drop a game and end up 15-1 – in the Playoffs, he would consider them the greatest team in NBA history.Even though the series truly isn’t over until the Cavs drop a home game, it isn’t clear how the hometown Cleveland crowd can guard Kevin Durant. The face melting offensive pace of the new look Warriors has rendered LeBron James powerless to stop it, despite putting up eye popping stats.Colin thinks this version of the Warriors is the most skilled collection of offensive talent ever assembled by an NBA team, and although they are not to the level of the ’96 Bulls defensively, they’re well above average.last_img