MH370 search over a larger area than Australia

first_imgSource = ETB News: T.N Malaysian authorities said that the search area had now reached 2.24 million nautical miles squared, the Guardian reported. Malaysia is also urging countries located on one of the two flight corridors being looked at to re-examine their flight radars, in order to help narrow down the search area. Malaysia’s Defence and Acting Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein said that other countries were taking the lead in trying to find where the plane may have been diverted. The 27 countries taking part in the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, are looking over an area larger than the size of Australia. “All efforts are being used now to reduce the [search] area – looking at satellite data; seeking assistance from other friends who have satellite capability; asking if they have looked [at radar data] to relook at them; finally, the use of assets whether in air or at sea,” Mr Hussein said. A separate criminal investigation is being conducted in parallel with the worldwide search but the agencies involved are not willing to speak to the media.  If the plane was diverted using a flight computer, it is more likely that the diverting was a deliberate act by someone with considerable knowledge of plane computer systems. The facts behind the flight’s last whereabouts are getting more difficult to glean, with local agencies reporting that the plane was diverted from its path from Malaysia to China by someone who used the plane’s flight computer, rather than manual controls.last_img