July 10 2017This year in preparation for Italian

first_imgJuly 10, 2017This year, in preparation for Italian Night, we were met with our share of Earth’s formidable and unforgiving nature; wildfires raged, wind and rain swirled concentrically above our heads—funneling through the preparation work in the Vaults, encasing Crafts III in ominous clouds of fire-smoke and storm. The crew worked in these conditions with heightened attention and purpose.(photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Kyle Larimer)Ron organized the crew setting up the Vaults, ready to receive the guests. There were contingency plans in place in case of increased rain, but in the end the crew was able to rest, assured that their work would not be undone by the looming storm systems.  Meanwhile, Carrie led the team in preparing the evening’s meal. Her superb direction created ease whilst handling the unmistakably large task of cooking for so many guests.  As a sense of fullness began to take hold of our sensibility, guests finished their meals and made their way through the vicolo primo into the amphitheater, where the concert was only moments away. Paul, from Flem Chen, helps workshop participant Alex prepare the traditional wheelbarrow pasta.center_img Guests filled their cups with refreshments from the ArcoMart. Alumni, friends, and family caught up with one another. Pasta and the main courses were served to the numbers of hungry guests.  Back at their table, everyone delighted in the meal and enjoyed each others company. last_img