Belgacom has launched a new settop box as part of

first_imgBelgacom has launched a new set-top box as part of a new range of consumer premises equipment for its subscribers that enables content to be delivered wirelessly around the home.The V5 decoder is said by the operator to three times as powerful as the previous model but to consume half the electricity when left in active standby mode, and has a smaller form factor. The device will be available to new Belgacom TV and VDSL2 subscribers and can be self-installed. Existing customers can upgrade by purchasing the set-top for €225.Belgacom has also launched a new model, the b-box 3, which works in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, enabling the wireless transfer of HDTV signals. The box contains a WiFi port compatible with a new integrated WiFi Bridge that can be used to receive Belgacom TV. The latter is a successor to Belgacom’s existing Ruckus wireless product.last_img