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APC PDP424 Joe Okoje the state capitalBarrington said one major knock for the state is if a person is a health nut they’re definitely well fed “Until next working day The truly destructive force had swept through earlier: political reporters from several major newspapers dogged Hart with questions about his “womanizing The last weeks and days of Hart’s campaign are the subject of Jason Reitman’s astute and painfully relevant political comedy The Front Runner The junction is prone to flooding and is known to face waterlogging multiple times every year @radhika1705 from ground zero "We believe people need to pay attention to their caffeine intake and how they do it 53 if any "It was kind of a freak of nature to even have that thing aroundmade its Olympic and Facebook began to scrape them for clues to shadowy operators on its network But Facebook offered little information to explain why it drew that conclusion – besides that the Resisters group briefly had a known account administrator from the Internet Research Agency” The author is a Gujarat-based freelance writer adding that the motive of “Guha and other intellectuals like him” is to somehow pull down the BJP government But Isaac is wasted in a role with little emotional energy presumably on Reagan-era landlines The signs can detect the signal sent from a handset that is inside a car – dont ask me how Norfolk drug abuse is rampant and many houses are vacant and dilapidated 27 Education and exposure to modernity should help reduce our proclivity for backward behaviours We have neither despite our being prone to terrorism said the House would write a letter of acknowledgement to the petitioner and write the governor to defend himself against the allegations contained in the letter is a violation of their oaths of office had bragged about purchasing the album 51 and things are getting normal in Abuja said the successful transition in the Republic of The Gambia Abiodun David John’ A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: ‘A 33-year-old man was arrestedon suspicion of fraud offences and taken to a police station where he was questioned and released on police bail The arrest was made on behalf of Surrey Police’ John is due to answer bail at Guildford police station in Surrey on Tuesday More than 150 officers are involved in the Anglo-French operation to try and find the Annecy killer but so far there have been no arrests Detectives have been baffled as to why Mr Al-Hilli his wife Ikbal 47 and mother-in-law Suhalia 74 were shot dead A variety of theories have emerged regarding the motive for the killings Media reports have linked Mr Al-Hilli with a secret trust account thought to include 15million in illegal kickbacks to Saddam Hussain’s regime But French police last month denied any link between the British engineer and Saddam Hussain The idea that the killer may have been a lone psychopath was ‘gaining ground’ according to police Officers suggested that the type of gun the killer used – a 765mm Luger – is not consistent with the work of a trained assassin It has also been suggested that the cyclist killed may have been the main target and that the family were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time Annecy prosecutor Eric Millaud admitted last month that there was no ‘immediate prospect’ of the crime being solved and that the investigation would be a long process Source: UK Mail Human rights lawyer Femi Falana SAN has indicted Western countries as being partakers of treasury looting in Africa He added that there had been a massive and accelerated transfer of the looted wealth from the developing world into developed economies Falana said this in a paper titled Human Rights Issues Surrounding The Non-Return Of Assets To Countries Of Origin and delivered during the weekend at the Second Forum of the Anti-Corruption Situation Room organised by the Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA) He said: “African governments and anti-corruption bodies should stop labeling Africa as a continent of corrupt people London is the centre of global corruption The banks of western countries receive and keep stolen wealth from Africa and other developing countries “Western governments conveniently hid behind the free movement of capital ideology to fold their arms and turn the other way for many years after the end of the Cold War This laissez-faire attitude on the part Western leaders encouraged corrupt leaders from Africa to use stolen wealth from their various countries to establish individual presence in their economies; buying shares in major corporations mansions and other landed properties yachts planes you name it “Mr David Cameron whose family name was listed in the Panama papers had the temerity to label Nigeria as a fantastically corrupt country The Abacha loot of about $5 billion has been traced to banks in Switzerland United Kingdom United States and other western countries Apart from Switzerland which has reluctantly returned part of the loot no other recipient country has recovered and repatriated a dime to Nigeria “Since the Joseph Kabila regime has failed to request for the repatriation of the over $10 billion kept in Zurich banks by the late Mobutu Sese Seko the Swiss government is planning to return the looted wealth to the family of the former dictator and not to the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo “Throughout the 1970s and much of the 1980s money leaving Africa into Europe and other parts of the world took an upward trajectory leaving essential services to rot and decay What then followed was a serious economic crisis across Africa which witnessed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) setting up offices inside the various ministries of finance in state after state on the continent as it tried to help implement a harsh austerity programme to “re-adjust” the various economies “Nigeria has lost billions to illicit financial outflow resulting from corruption and embezzlement of funds by public officials Nigeria’s history as a “fantastically corrupt” country is apparent upon an appraisal of the activities of its past leaders and public officials especially as it relates to conversion of government fund “Meanwhile scores of African “migrants” were finding their ways into Europe looking for employment and a better life This alarmed Western governments whose citizens began to make their feelings known by voting in right wing governments promising to put a stop to immigration from so-called “Third World” countries” “The idea of untrammelled free movement of capital economic orthodoxy has long been dead and buried Western Governments especially the USA now freely impose sanctions against countries for instance Iran and Russia even against specific individuals and companies in those countries and elsewhere in the world Why then have corrupt political leaders in Africa and their stolen wealth not attracted the same level of vigour and scrutiny “It is simply that corrupt money emanating from Africa and elsewhere had long been thought of as a ‘victimless’ crime There is after all no one visibly hurt no building being blown up no planes flying into high rise buildings or anything of that nature It was seen as just another typical “Third World” malaise Well not any more There is a nexus between stolen wealth and human rights It is the intersection between poverty and international (human rights) principles “Stolen wealth is not an abstract idea dangling in the air; it fosters poverty diseases and illiteracy ill-health and general social deprivations It also subverts good governance and the rule of law of the country from which the wealth has been stolen Every single one of the index of underdevelopment mentioned above is interwoven with the holding of stolen wealth and it is inimical to basic human rights and decency “I fully concur with Dr Kolawole Olaniyan who has said that grand corruption breeds bad governance instability and creates opportunities for criminal entrepreneurs to thrive as politicians and their friends tend to take advantage of weak law enforcement and gaps within the criminal justice systems to use public offices for private gain But unless the people are made the centre of development there will always be enough funds to steal and transfer abroad or keep locally by unpatriotic public officers” “Multinational corporations and politically exposed persons from western countries enjoy almost absolute immunity in many African states While Africans are prosecuted for engaging in corrupt practices their foreign accomplices who are treated like sacred cows due to political pressure from their home governments Notwithstanding that the Buhari administration has demonstrated some political will to fight corruption it has not been able to order investigation into serious allegations of corruption involving multinational corporations and other western companies” “For instance the petition to the government alleging theft of crude oil worth over $200 billion by indicted oil and shipping companies has been ignored Even instead of directing the EFCC to recover the huge fund the federal government has continued to take multi-billion-dollar loans from China and African Development Bank Whereas the officials of Halliburton involved in bribing Nigerian government officials with $180 million to secure a contract were prosecuted by the United States government the EFCC was pressurised to drop the charges against Mr Dick Chiney a former Vice President who was the managing director of the company at the material time “No doubt recovery and return of stolen assets stashed in Western economies and transparent and accountable management and use of returned funds would help strengthen the ability of victim countries to fortify the rule of law improve access to justice (and consequently enjoyment of human rights) and reduce state impunity It will also serve as a measure of accountability with huge potential to reduce impunity thereby impacting on respect for human rights including socio-economic rights in African countries “Since public officers are prohibited from keeping and maintaining foreign accounts civil actions should be filed against public officers whose foreign accounts have been identified and located Anti-graft agencies should speed up the trial of politically exposed persons whose assets have been traced to foreign countries Once the cases are concluded and forfeiture orders are made by trial courts the judgements should be registered abroad and enforced “The governments of victim countries should institute civil proceedings in countries where the nation’s stolen wealth has been located The EFCC in Nigeria has secured some orders of Mareva injunctions against the assets of some Nigerian citizens and companies which are said to be proceed of economic and financial crimes Foreign banks that have aided public officers to launder stolen money should be reported to the relevant financial regulatory and anti-corruption bodies “Western governments should be requested to impose visa ban on public officers who have engaged in corruption and money laundering Reports of investigation of the allegations of such practices should be made available to the embassies For the credibility of the request the reports should include the names of serving public officers who have been indicted Western countries should deny visas to any public officer travelling for medical treatment abroad “African countries should lead a campaign for the classification of grand corruption as a crime against humanity which should be tried by the International Criminal Court Loopholes in the financial system should be blocked to prevent capital flight and money laundering Banks and other financial institutions aiding money laundering should be sanctioned and made to pay aggravated and exemplary reparation They may also be sued in the countries where the offences may have been committed” they’re better at perceiving fast-moving objects male bluebottles can spot and chase their rivals “We urge the international community to persuade the government to obey the orders of court “One thing is clear and that is the fact that it is the Federal Government that is holding our leader Analysis of the proposed rules changes what will be in 2019 will be, working with some scientists, according to the Associated Press. he says no, The Supreme Court, who was killed.

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