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Doctors told me that I am alright now and need to be kept under observation for 15 days,I saw her lying on the ground. download Indian Express App More Related Newshas been instructed to launch a massive movement on issues like child marriage,Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday that the United States would not carry out a strike on North Korea because it knows Pyongyang has nuclear bombs. of course,and hundreds of security personnel deployed around the court premises to deal with any situation. Sharif along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz appeared in the court where Judge Mohammad Bashir conducted the hearing. The campus will have ample parking space. The institute allegedly took Rs 8 lakh from him.

one of the six accused who were chargesheeted by Ahmedabad Detection of Crime Branch. The other two were auctioned twice at very high prices and then surrendered. there was “no disputing” the fact that the wars in the two countries “continue to be devastating for civilians” and indicated that a large number of casualties were civilians and not terrorists.In fact the study counted around 31000 civilian deaths in Afghanistan alone during that period and added that around7000 “insurgents” — the scholars’ euphemism for terrorists — had been killed in Afghanistan in 2015 alone A study by three nonprofit organisations of physicians from the US Canada and Germany dedicated to preventing nuclear war estimated nearly 45000 insurgents had been killed in Afghanistan by December 2011 in the first decade of the war That was six years ago The internet is full of many other estimates by experts which suggest that much higher numbers of Taliban have been killed And now Trump says many more are left “Killing terrorists” sounds even more ignominious than “nation building” or “spreading democracy” The phrase symbolises a chronic misrepresentation that some kind of terroristswith only an undemocratic agenda grounded in religious (read Islamist) hatred and medieval fanaticism are out to undo all the good the US is doing in the world and that region in particular This long-held pretence refuses to acknowledge that the “terrorists” in Afghanistan though religious obscurantists have always had a political agenda — self-rule — which is what triggered their armed resistance to Soviet Union’s occupation of Afghanistan in 1979 The US not only accepted that resistance as correct but also backed it with“treasure” arms and training which led tothe Soviet Union’s ouster from Afghanistan a decade later But when these “freedom fighters” turned against their one-time benefactor — the United States — in the mid-1990s Washington suddenly decided they were hell’s putrid“terrorists” after all who cannot be bought or bargained with; who with perseverance would be wiped out just like unwanted household pests Well as America and Americans already know — or do they — plan A hasn’t exactly worked out in the 16 years the US occupied Afghanistan and ran it through its surrogates Even Obama’s plan B — “winding down” US military presence in Afghanistan and then “exiting” that “theatre of war” — didn’t shape up as intended That Trump’s plan C — indistinct from plan A — is bound to fail is evident from what Trump said while making the announcement He said that exiting Afghanistan was not an option because that would mean the terrorists who he described as “thugs and criminals and predators and… losers” would flood back into the country soon as the Americans left Take a deep breath Doesn’t this mean that in 16 years America hasn’t made a dent in the terrorists’ capacity to reclaim the Afghan heartland One sentence from his speech is especially worth quoting in full: “Working alongside our allies we will break their will dry up their recruitment keep them from crossing our borders and yes we will defeat them and we will defeat them handily” Really So in 16 years the US has not worked alongside its allies not broken the will of the terrorists not dried up their recruitment and not defeated them It is also unclear what Trump refers to in promising to “keep them from crossing our border” Whose border America’s or Afghanistan’s Or was that Trump’s colonial slip of the tongue It might be worth noting that the RAND Corporation a noted American conservative think tank last year bluntly wrote that the “targets of American campaign have survived US counter-terrorism efforts” and “have proven resilient and adaptive They have morphed to meet new circumstances and exploit new opportunities and they will continue to do so The threat remains” With regard to the Taliban the RAND article authored by Brian Michael Jenkins a senior advisor to the RAND president said without much ado that the terror group “remains a formidable foe and will not be tamed” And yet Trump’s speech on Monday provided absolutely no acknowledgement of the utter failure of the American military campaign in Afghanistan since 2001 What came next in his announcement therefore made even less sense: The warning to Pakistan for sheltering terror groups and the exhortation to India to join The Great Game Let us for a moment recall what President Bush’s top diplomat Richard Armitage told Pakistan’s military intelligence chief who happened to be in the US during 9/11 a day after the attack Armitage reportedly told the Pakistanis that ifIslamabad didn’t cooperate with Washington the US would“bomb Pakistan to the Stone Age” A decade-and-a-half later there is little evidence Pakistan has “cooperated” with the US beyond tokenism and even less evidence of the US having burst a firecracker in Pakistan much less bombing it back to the Stone Age If anything over the last six decades Pakistan has repeatedly spit in the US’ face andshown itself an indispensable ally to America’s geopolitical designs for Afghanistan and Central Asia Love it or hate it? east and north,their native area The 48 fishermen released from Pakistani jails will arrive here on Wednesday night,a top state official said. where the Bundesliga champions were facing Real Madrid, Underlining the severity of the blast, who is coming back from a hip injury that forced him to skip all the hardcourt tournaments in the run up to the Open," Federer will need to be at 100 percent to compete at Flushing Meadows in the gruelling best-of-five-set tournament.

" while also harming Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and its allies have launched a campaign to oust Huthi rebels who control the capital Sanaa and who have links to Riyadh’s arch-foe Iran. Mohun Bagan brought on their Japanese star midfielder Katsumi Yusa in the 73rd minute when he replaced Shouvik Ghosh but there was not much of difference to the scoreline. Mohun Bagan had another chance in the fourth minute of stoppage time but that too went a-begging with Balwant’s header being off-target. says Atul Date,There were so many interesting bits of information which suggested how deeply both art forms were linked. She used her reach to catch the shuttle early and placed it in difficult positions to narrow the deficit to 6-7. but she hit long or at the net to allow the Taiwanese lead 18-14. Tamilians of India in US have come a long way. Swamy receiving the ‘Tamil Ratna’ award.

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