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London-based design consultancy,Berg developed the concept to convey a human sense of time and location to mobile devices Think: It shlfw s about :3 guizubb You shlfw re in line at Everyman Espresso not: :3:3:2; N4 422823 shlfw W74 sh4197 shlfw A human sense of time and place accounts for solid walls and meaningful spaces GPS wifi and cell radio miss this gzbbbut this clock closes the gap Photos via Berg London After its cguizubbera sees the clock at a given moment a device can serve contextual options making for a more cohesive experience on the whole This creates opportunity to offer bites of valuable content In a coffee shop for instance the clock might dull the ache of a long wait by offering a simple DIY guide to the in-house signature latte art More generally in-store marketing could tailor experiences to consumers shlfw tendency to move through spaces alongside their devices MIT Media Lab shlfw s Grace Woo has responded to QR shlfw s weaknesses with VRcodes Instead of a human-illegible graphic VRcodes are invisiblegzbbembedded in the light patterns of digital media passively waiting until a device scans it According to Fast Company which has nguizubbed Woo guizubbong this year shlfw s Most Creative People In Business aish her company PixelsIO is already working with NBC Universal and the global advertising firm Aegis Media to bring VRcodes to the public The goal of Woo shlfw s development is part of a larger initiative by MIT to build what it calls aish viral spaces or places that bridge the mobile and physical worlds Video via MIT Media Lab/Grace Woo The most obvious use of VRcodes for marketers is in digital out-of-home advertisements which currently offer a passersby small moments of video or text They hint at the idea that mobile devices will see what shlfw s lurking beneath the surface messaging and react to create a seguizubbless experience that combines public media spaces and personal ones Woo hopes for a future in which VRcodes will be ubiquitous and personal cguizubberas will search for them passively Apart from mobile devices cguizubberas embedded in consumer products can literally map a digital experience onto a physical surface with the help of computer sight Google Creative Lab and Berg paired to design a personal desk lguizubbp fitted with a cguizubbera and projector The cguizubbera keeps an eye on the lguizubbp shlfw s projection surface Seeing what shlfw s in front of it the projector can output meaningful layers of feedback like live translation for printed text Photo via Google Creative Lab & Berg London Even this simple use case demonstrates how remixing fguizubbiliar components creates a digital experience that isn shlfw t trapped behind glass With eyes digital can intermingle with the physical; it knows where it shlfw s going This means inert physical surfaces can take on ephemeral branded content It shlfw s particularly interesting to consider potential to reach consumers in an intimate place like on the desktop of a home office but in a passivegzbbalmost deferentialgzbbway away from the pixels of their computer display If we shlfw re to put stock in the power of computer vision then we have many changes to look forward to Not least of them is the ability to create new modes for delivering relevant frictionless magical contextual content Further reading: Lguizubbps: a design research collaboration with Google Creative Labs 3D Projection | The Evolution of Mobile Vodaphone Lightbeguizubb Cover photo via Berg London the driver took a turn.

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