The judgment method about Shanghai dragon website optimization effect

third: website internal and external links the quantity and quality of growth of

Shanghai dragon

by the Shanghai dragon website optimization, after a period of time, with the increase of the chain and the keywords ranking to improve, generally will bring some traffic to the site, and the traffic is a judgment method. Under normal circumstances, will flow with website optimization, except occasionally occur repeatedly, a general trend is rising. Therefore, we can according to different site size and different industry site, to set a reasonable flow growth criterion is a feasible method.

second: website original content pages included quantity and main keywords ranking

: the first site traffic growth of

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Shanghai dragon website optimization is need to support the original content, the site is not the original content is difficult to do the work of the Shanghai dragon. According to the website of the size and industry to develop the amount collected daily, weekly and monthly original content "and included percentage (included the amount and total number of pages than), and the website main keywords ranking growth factors such as to make the judgment standard of Shanghai dragon website optimization effect.

website optimization if done correctly, it will for web site construction and promotion play a very important role in promoting, but there is a premise, that is the Shanghai dragon website optimization effect must be better. When the website construction company to get a website, how to optimize the effect of Shanghai dragon, there must be a clear and reasonable assessment standards, in order to guarantee the Shanghai dragon website optimization process effect. Here, the author introduce several methods to judge the Shanghai dragon website optimization effect.

fifth: website long tail keywords ranked >

site links including inside and outside the chain chain, according to the internal and external chain judgment has certain difficulty, because inside and outside the chain chain we do not easily through the webmaster tools query. The chain like Shanghai, we see only the number of the domain domain, and the chain view and judgment is more difficult. According to the growth situation so we can only love Shanghai webmaster management platform to view the web site outside of the chain, and view the web page relevance chain construction, to analyze the internal and external link building roughly. There is a website Links construction, including Links quantity and quality of the construction.

fourth: the number of

release, Soft blog forum B2B e-commerce website of large flow quantity and quality on posts also can be used to judge the Shanghai dragon website optimization effect standard, as to assist the promotion of website optimization, soft, blog and other promotional methods can effectively improve the visibility of the site and weight of soft and blogs can also be used as a judgment means, but can not judge as the main means, can be used as a reference method.