What are the methods of how to optimize mall site

first, need to recognize website, understand its advantages and disadvantages, so you can be sure, its features are as follows:

3, visitors from all over the world, not subject to geographical restrictions.

1, mall website for online store, mainly providing a variety of information and goods for customers.

column, were not free to set the mall site optimization too many columns, need to choose the name of delicate, simple, let people understand at a glance, two similar products need to be placed in the same column.

4, mall site can use a variety of display means, such as text, pictures, video etc..

, 1 pictures, to display products certainly need a lot of pictures of products, can label the picture above shows that filling, grab the suction mirror images, to obtain the ranking.

second, carefully study and then will find, to mall website optimization is not so simple, but need to step by step:

to do a website has many benefits for enterprises, especially for some products more types, and the client is relatively dispersed enterprises, this time there will be some optimization problems, if the mall to optimize web site you can successfully solve the problem of ranking and views. So how to optimize mall site? We will try to understand.

2, by searching for ways to make users find goods more accurate, directly to open the page, keyword promotion is obvious.


2, avoid the complex path, mall site requires multiple web pages, including dynamic and static web pages, and this is the time to reduce the dynamic web pages, simple path.

actually want to mall site optimization is not so complicated, only need to be performed step by step, try to do, so that we can have a lot of chances of success, the hope can help to you.