Check site quickly get 5 practical methods of the chain

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domestic video website ranking in front of the weight is very high, and the chain is less, if you can do the chain on top of this, the natural effect is quite good. The title is set to your web site in the online video. You can quickly increase the weight of a large number of links. If the upload video content is of good quality, the link weights and website brand will have excellent promotion.

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five, the chain construction again a commonplace talk of an old scholar,

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we usually registered in the net are used Chinese characters or Pinyin combination of numbers, now after the test, a registered member name written in your web site, so every time you send a stick, more a chain, especially in some of the good quality of the forum, the chain effect is more ideal. At present this way as the chain transfer weight significantly, but after love Shanghai will adjust the quality of the chain is not to say this. This name is generally limited to 15 bytes, is your URL length must be within 15 letters to register.

, video website promotion

four, submitted to the soft release of


soft contribute can be said to be the best way to increase the promotion site outside the chain of high quality, it can use the submission site of high flow and content to achieve the reprint, increase the number of site outside the chain. Is a very good platform for website optimization, website promotion stationmaster net and outdated. The effect of the soft as we all know, here is not to say

two, smart variable member name promotion

search engine blog has been reduced, but the active blog, "


publish posts in high weight site, try to send the original, if no time, pseudo original also, post title must take you to optimize the key words, the one or two text added appropriately in content, text not too prominent, in order to avoid being removed, as long as the post quality, the number of general post no less, after the actual test, general post more posts, with sea more attention, the relative weight is higher, so a post description text value to the equivalent of dozens of other common sites. To enhance the description text keyword ranking have better do.

website construction of the chain channels, and other forums, catalogue, inquiry platform, source development, we must learn to do the chain construction of Tai Chi Road, with 42 daughters of the construction of the chain, the chain to find the method of automatic multiplication, according to the constructive, rather than one by one to manual release, so that even if all the year round not stopped, the number will not accumulate a lot, only to guide network users actively reproduced in his article, to the rapid increase of the chain website. Like many large web sites outside the chain, there are millions of million, is due to the high quality of the content of the network users reprint out.