Shanghai dragon industry detailed division of responsibilities you clear your way now

a good Shanghai dragon must be familiar to all of many fields, including copy, flow view, website design and so on, so as to put all the knowledge freely. Can only be one-sided, currently only see a little bit of Shanghai dragon. The following specific introduction of Shanghai dragon in all aspects of the duties, they let Shanghai Longfeng heart has a specific plan.


with the rise of the Internet, Shanghai dragon industry was born quietly. A lot of people think, Shanghai dragon is a relatively mixed industry, but also was easy, which shows in Shanghai dragon does not seem very difficult, a few days outside the chain said he is very familiar with the Shanghai dragon is very good, but that is not the case. Shanghai dragon can do although many things, but are there.

Artist: Shanghai dragon

must have knowledge of the Shanghai dragon industry, industry overview and characteristics must be clear; as Shanghai Longfeng personnel engaged in network technology, the basic knowledge necessary to know, html is the foundation; the principle of search engine ranking, pretreatment, pretreatment and follow-up observation on the page ranking; advanced search engine syntax and the understanding of URL parameters; search engine of the white paper understanding; understanding of various Shanghai dragon tools; about cheating and punishment, is about the black hat and white hat, try to avoid the black hat tactics with white hat methods; research target customers include analysis of user groups and user behavior, only fully understand the user search habits and keywords distribution. In order to achieve the essence of Shanghai dragon.

technical staff:

basic knowledge:

customer service, through the Shanghai dragon and offline market customer resources unified collection, which is converted to a specific company benefit. Customer service personnel need accurate application of words and language specification for customer resources to record management; classification; careful management for account information and order; and also carry out the statistical analysis of customer resources.

for technical personnel, including the preparation of the code and code optimization; the station optimization is divided into website structure optimization, the details of the optimization, robots.txt, site map, within the chain strategy and key deployment; Web server log management need to understand the HTTP state with GG management tools; but also know some basic knowledge about web site security, including hacking prevention and website vulnerability patch.

art is the main duties of web design and user experience. The interface of the website layout, and the overall framework, should be based on the user experience. Whether it is the site of the landing page or the use of div+css, the page effect, basic points to meet the beautiful and clear. Do not give users feel the feeling out of order.

The main work is the