Shanghai Longfeng potential market demand not be pessimistic to face market data analysis


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when I just arrived in Amoy K net work, the company also hired a chain of the Commissioner, his job is to keep the hair of the chain, I often see him and then login to the forum, the web site contains the copy and paste…… Because this is a very boring thing, and there is no accumulation on him, he soon left. Was also quite popular that "content is king, the chain for emperor", soon love Shanghai issued a serious blow to Scindapsus algorithm, the low quality of the chain, if a site more those meaningless the low quality of the chain, the easier it will be to K. In July last year Amoy K net because before the release of the low quality of the chain caused by a period of time a two domain continuous right down, though not long, so I also feel the love of Shanghai power lies.

chain is a good optimization technique, but must be used properly, rather than casually looking for a mess and website industry places irrelevant hair chain. After all, any chain has its survival time, for example, many people love to some webmaster forum forum outside the chain, and is one of a series of text links, do not spread the weight of the chain, and because these text links many contents are here to copy, then copy it. Any additional link is released, and the site itself does not have any relationship, so these forum link survival time is very short, as long as you love Shanghai not happy is very easy to delete these included forum link, that would change radically easily lead to the outside of the chain, there is love Shanghai right down the situation is very normal therefore, the chain selection is very important, we must seek the survival time of long chain, for example, to the A5 webmaster and home owners and other websites Submission is a very good choice.

now is no longer the kind of random collection of other articles can be ranked push to the first time. If we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization work habits or to copy and paste any others, collecting articles, even a short period of time is difficult to guarantee the collection of Shanghai love, when there will be site suddenly drop the right of the situation.

recently coincidentally saw some of the more pessimistic future Shanghai Longfeng article, it seems that more and more people to more lack of confidence in the future of Shanghai dragon. In my opinion, since the contact of Shanghai dragon, the advantage of network marketing are very obvious. According to the author’s understanding, the use of Shanghai Longfeng optimized by means of the enterprise is not from the total lot, there are a huge number of traditional businesses even do not know what is the Shanghai dragon. So I think that the potential market demand of Shanghai dragon shall not be pessimistic, as long as the search engine still exists, so have the prospect of the development of Shanghai dragon.

1, the chain optimization upgrade

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