Shanghai dragon on learning and promotion difficult

remember to contact Shanghai dragon now has not stopped the practice and study of Shanghai dragon. It was in order to urge their continuous learning and understanding of Shanghai Longfeng, before the establishment of the Taizhou Shanghai dragon blackboard. The Shanghai dragon is easy or difficult, I walked their way, so far to experience the following heart distance:

later: through study and practice more, so easy to think of Shanghai dragon didn’t want to, because I found that not every site I can do the expected effect of Shanghai dragon.

for Shanghai dragon end is easy or complex difficult problem, my personal opinion is that who is the object of this question? If it is a Shanghai Longfeng novice asked such a question, I will tell him the Shanghai dragon is very simple, easy to update and the chain construction can be summarized as the content the. But if you are a have some practical experience and theoretical knowledge and rich personnel of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, I will tell you the truth: Shanghai is difficult to understand what fine dragon. Like kung fu, the basic Huaquanxiutui is easy to grasp, but want to have some accomplishments, you have to work hard is not easy! This is not to say that I love you Shanghai Longfeng beginners, but because for any one in the field of beginners, with encouragement to tell people how much we want to: don’t be afraid, very simple! I really want to say this is the flicker, but also a white lie.

to now from the beginning of contact with the Shanghai dragon, for an evolution process of Shanghai dragon easy or difficult views.


if you think Shanghai dragon is to update and links, it is actually a very superficial understanding. I’m not outside the chain of "Shanghai dragon all" also said that some people even think that as long as the chain.

: first what all don’t understand, it is difficult to think of Shanghai Longfeng through study and practice, it is easy to think of Shanghai dragon, then something

start!The above is my

later: adhere to practice and learn more, find a deeper understanding of a little bit of Shanghai dragon, found himself in Shanghai Longfeng level is


search engine principle and other technical articles, think that the search engine algorithm is not as simple as 1+1, especially as more and more mature and powerful Google or love Shanghai search technology, the layers of algorithm they are so complex, if simply staring at us as everyone knows such as keywords layout in the chain anchor, the original article, which determines the final ranking results, it’s two! The chain, original, keywords layout, which is indeed important, but not just rely on these things will be able to determine the final ranking.

: now through more practice and observation, learning expert of Shanghai dragon skills and strategies, find out what it is not, only to find themselves only the current level of Shanghai dragon is a little bit

In fact, if you have seen some of the