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also known as the "sea Amoy version or" overseas shopping sharing community COO Red Book Qu Fang and just got B round of Tencent led the O2O project take zero line COO Qu Yi, to share their business experience for the scene of hundreds of entrepreneurs.

January 8th, Tencent entrepreneurs salon in Xuhui District ShangHai Railway Station bounds Creative Park Tencent entrepreneurial base Shanghai held Tencent, open platform and mobile application platform Hou Xiaonan, deputy general manager of Tencent investment in mergers and acquisitions investment director Mu Yifei delivered a keynote speech, with the interpretation of the Tencent in 2015 to support the plan of entrepreneurs.

technology capabilities:

Tencent open platform, deputy general manager of mobile applications platform Hou Xiaonan

1.               ;     overall layout: analysis of the layout of the classic web site structure, home page structure, secondary home page structure, page structure, and related links.

site capabilities:


According to Hou Xiaonan

Tencent’s early investment, take no intervention, look at the long-term "strategy, set the" unlimited "business cooperation with Tencent and relaxed terms, entrepreneurial base, application treasure, Tencent cloud, wide for the competitive advantages of Tencent open resources, to support early venture investment. In the characteristics of start-ups, Tencent pays attention to the enterprise innovation industry

website operation COO responsibility list

Tencent investment focus on the direction of early venture investment focus on four major areas of


2015 Tencent also launched the latest open platform to support the plan of "double hundred plans". The "double hundred plan" refers to the Tencent for three years invested a total of 10 billion resources to support 100 market value of billions of dollars of business enterprises to focus more and more high-quality resources to help entrepreneurs grow quickly.

outstanding: according to the external structure of the website, external URL can analyze the website structure, and know its design pros and cons.

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2.                    UI: the interface design, analysis of the 20 "style, collecting and studying color structure of the content, at least 100 different styles of" view.

2.                    understand the three major code structures, ASP, PHP, JSP, various strengths and weaknesses, know its application.

Tencent investment acquisition Department investment director Mu Yifei, from the perspective of venture capital support, a comprehensive exposition of the Tencent investment strategy and standards. Tencent in the choice of investment targets, not only to see the industry’s well-known enterprises at the cusp, but also concerned about the market potential of the start-up dark horse, and support its early start.


Tencent entrepreneurial base is Tencent to join hands with the government, the community launched the integration of Online + offline resources, one-stop service developer’s business support projects. Up to now, Tencent has been in the national layout of 20 entrepreneurial base, in 2015, with more entrepreneurial base landing construction, will provide more entrepreneurs with quality entrepreneurial services. The inauguration of the Tencent entrepreneurial base Shanghai is located in Shanghai cross-border Creative Park, a phase has opened 250 stations, office space of more than 2500 square meters.

3.               ;     understanding of the three major database application level structure, access, sqlserver, mysql, each data features and structure.


3.                    website structure: ability to draw the whole structure of a web site in the written branch structure, modules, and related links and content. Asked to draw the design structure of the two medium-sized sites, links and relationships.

Original: Wang Zhaoxian,

1.             ;       understand the impact of various aspects of technology on the web platform; know what kind of server platform should be what kind of standard. Requires understanding of the Internet common systems, three major platforms, windows, Linux, UNIX, and their applications.

, after three years of development, as the current number of Tencent on the open platform of developers has reached 5 million, the number of applications reached more than 2 million 400 thousand, the total valuation of the gem platform company has more than 200 billion. In 2015, the Tencent will open platform for entrepreneurs to create more business opportunities, to provide more resources to support and build more entrepreneurial base, help entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs do behind the most valuable service.

comprehensive layout to get through the line, offline, Tencent will provide better service for entrepreneurs

through the website structure, can its development future has how many.

The characteristics of