Local traffic increase key in the content update more effort

first of all, on the site location should have a clear understanding of. Not just a city can do local site. Local website access to the crowd from the region.

this incident reminds me: "a house does not sweep, sweep the world!" this sentence. Don’t care about the eyes, and ambitious people, no contacts and certain material base, it is difficult to make a difference. To say so, there seems to be some side and today I want to talk about the content of local website, now the words to be. When it comes to local website, seem to give up the advantages of the Internet, the Internet makes our homes will be able to see the world, and the local website, seemingly still playing around, there is not much prospect. On the contrary, now many local websites are doing well.

in the local site operation and profit is now in a stage of exploration, to make a profit, a prerequisite is to by flow, popular, this is the basis of commercial operation of the website. Local website to get more people’s attention, in the content update must be more efforts, then, what kind of content to attract people?

from the current pattern of the Internet, the meat has been swift rushing into the finish, later to be involved in what others have done the mature industry, is facing strong competition, therefore, is left to the webmaster website fractionize the last chance, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the word local website does not specifically included, the competition in the field is relatively small, at the same time, group purchase network, classified information website at present are fundamental to the local based, classified information network is a bit like the middle large website and local website transition products, China’s vast territory, classified information website and powerful is also very difficult to do everything, so local website, unlimited potential. Chengde online as a local portal, after a long time of attempt and exploration, some key words do love Shanghai home, at the same time, every day also has access to a fixed amount, and the upward trend, relatively speaking, the website has entered a stage of benign development.

has no boundary, so many sites in the location to be large, such sites may not be successful. I have a local talent market buddies, drinking together, I often advised him to get online for a local talent website, but this man ambition, "the website I must do, but must do like that, the 51job nationwide portal!" after half a year, and drink together, I asked him how to operate the website. "No line! I read on the Internet, now the site personnel most of them lose money!" at the same time, less than 500 metres in his business talent market, opened a similar company, this company has no website, but in the people network, 58 city and other classified information often see each other website advertising. The end result is that the friends of the talent market and later each keep going by painstaking effort, recruitment, stream of people strong, is beyond the former trend.

The Internet is the biggest advantage of