The forum do how to do the chain will not be deleted

according to the above two subjective and objective factors, I have to share with you the following:

two, objective reason: Post chain method is not completely right. Of course, every webmaster post deleted there will be many other reasons, I in this not a detailed description to the.

as everyone knows, the chain is undoubtedly one of the important ways to promote in the forum. However, want to stay outside the chain of our own in other forums, it is not easy. If we keep posting in the forum link really successful, an hour, or up to one or two days when found to be deleted. Why deleted? Whether analyzed reasons? Removed causes nothing more than the following two points:

, an objective reason: some forum management is very strict, which we are incapable of action, similar forums like this, don’t waste the ‘feelings’, to change other forum.

in the forum to do outside the chain will go is the webmaster forum, you know. Remember! Don’t always do the chain in a web site, the chain must be diversity, not stare at a place outside the chain, to put your site to cover every corner, so the effect is the best. Also Never mind if it is not, as long as the URL (domain name) appeared in several other web forums can be, to do so, the search engine can give website weight higher, the spider will often visit your site, Dalian graphic design advertising media company www.kmasa贵族宝贝.>

chain, in the forum first of all, we must be familiar with the forum program. There are two kinds of the most mainstream Forum: one is PHPWIND, another is DISCUZ. According to the two forum program I believe must be familiar to you, I will not say more. Secondly, in the chain before looking at whether strict management forum. Each area has a moderator, the plate is less moderator we can do the chain place, open the 贵族宝贝top.baidu贵族宝贝 love Shanghai billboard, looking for some hot news finishing sent to the plate inside. At this time the need to pay attention to is: the press must with the relevant section, the paper sorted out, see paragraphs, if too much is inserted into a web site in the middle, remember what will not increase, leaving only a web site on the OK; on the contrary, if the article is too short, in the bottom of a web site, such as: "the 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝 reproduced please specify". Here, without keywords do not increase, more concise.


today, the webmaster every day to do the chain often go to places, no doubt, will be the major forum. Do a variety of methods outside the chain of diversity, I would like to share some tips to stay outside the chain in the forum today. These skills are on weekdays I constantly accumulated, today would like to share you webmaster, hope can come in handy at work.