Shanghai news source love training dry cargo training (ShenZhen Railway Station) QA.

Q: was a news source, what impact will the web search

? means?

A: the authority refers to the popularity of the site for national accreditation. Advertising is a kind of way, but is not necessary, there will be love Shanghai strategy to find

Q: the two layer directory and two level domain name which is the news source of the optimal structure of the

A: does not set the upper limit, no limit to the export strategy, mainly to see the content of the website resources. But through the way of obtaining additional cheating love Shanghai will be a lot of traffic, news sources.

Q: love the sea to the news source site to set the upper limit of


at the end of July, "love Shanghai news source site survival (upgrade version)" at the third Shenzhen lecture, courseware content requirements, in addition to the original love Shanghai news source site quality incentive mechanism, quality of news resources in real-time push mechanism, the new more not through the news source description and case and audit is the news source of punishment type, and modified to increase some examples of case, you can download the PPT to onlookers, live video in the next few weeks will continue to release. In this QA link, in addition to Shanghai and the trainees question similar, there are some new and valuable questions, summed up for reference.

Q: a new source into the news website, the content will be timely included Aladdin

A: the site will meet the quality attributes of news content into a separate level two or two level domain directory, no news source structure optimal this judgment.

Q is one of the most authoritative news source judgment standard, a large number of advertising fee is to increase the authority of the

if you love Shanghai news sources have any questions, welcome to the college students post comments, for valuable comments, we will invite the news source for answers.


A: Yes, Aladdin is not content into the timeliness of time to judge according to the website, but the website content quality judgment

site derived flow?

A: news source was a news retrieval and web search, when a show will not appear in the