Dialysis station optimization what is the key factor to you


1.http response is normal.

is a reliable server provider is a prerequisite for the success of your website construction. If your server is often not available or the reaction time is too long, then the search engine may not have in-depth understanding of your interests, which will not crawl your site too much content. More importantly, your server is not stable, the user can enter your website to read the content of your "return" naturally fall. So I think this is the most important factor.

industry insiders know that Shanghai is the practice of every kind of dragon strategy integration, and the importance of various methods are not the same. We are similar at the banquet guests into primary and secondary, Shanghai dragon in the work of the importance of different factors the difference is obvious to people. The Shanghai dragon is a fashionable things, so for the majority of Shanghai Longfeng workers, with clear focus, straight life became an indispensable factor to optimize quality — that is what we say "what is clear to you".

of any building works are based on a solid foundation, the same website must have excellent website frame support. How to make a search engine is the framework of the "A" of the industry has been struggling to find problems. In other words, is the search engine should think your site is easy to crawl and clear and concise. Always say more easily. Below I will factor in Shanghai Longfeng station optimization in the process of it. They are my rank in order of importance, the most important of the most high. Please according to the summary of factors above I weigh carefully then I want to talk about.

ranking sites to lay a solid foundation for

when it comes to the station and stood outside optimization, I still retain the importance of that point — the current station optimization did not receive due attention. In general because of the urgent need of the moment in the rankings, although the construction of the station optimization less time-consuming, but from the short-term effect is far less than the link. But in fact, as long as the station optimization will be able to firmly grasp the key factors, the magic to enhance website ranking up. Thus for the Shanghai dragon worker, distinguish the pros and cons of these factors, it is particularly important to their child bear much weight. Here we will start to talk about these key factors.

First, we explain how

3. The site within the chain to optimize.

website has been the response speed of the user experience card, not only that, now SE response speed of web pages is very picky. A year ago, Google has admitted, the page loading speed will affect the site’s ranking.

2. response speed.

when our website set up good inlining, regardless of the user or search by operation is good. Is the so-called win-win cooperation with you for search engines to provide a convenient, so that a search engine will be in.