Baidu let me take what to believe you

just suffering youyou used car network, into the original content, increase its Links fresh breath, but Baidu but again the ruthless. Not only the original content should not weight, but also will be the site of the inside pages of keywords ranking repeated fluctuations. I detected a day for at least two times in the morning or the normal fluctuation, ranking at noon all words disappeared completely in love in Shanghai, the night also can see. I would like to ask Baidu, whether it is swollen?

it seems this way doesn’t work, didn’t expect too much to recover ranking. No, just think of his method. The website will be updated to maintain the chain, also increase the amount of. When I feel calm and ready to fight a protracted war, I checked the web page keywords ranking, actually all is back. The connecting station has checked, almost all night and between the keywords ranking. This let the mood and excitement and fear. I believe Shanghai Longfeng personnel to this kind of feeling is not strange.

Since October 16th The optimization of a

is a regular second-hand car trading platform, why repeated Baidu abuse? This is the author remain perplexed despite much thought problems. At the same time, recently there are a number of enterprises station suffered the same fate, which makes a lot of small owners complain incessantly. Have a professional analysis, think this is because of the small and medium-sized site random optimization results. Possible reasons for this, but it is undeniable that there is another possibility: love Shanghai hope that more companies do not get promotion through the natural search rankings. The interests of this relationship, I believe we all know.


earlier called Xiamen Kaluosi 106 SMS platform enterprise station, two months ago, the ranking is also good, but the number of peer companies have good rankings. I do not know what time from the beginning, this phenomenon is gone. Almost all do SMS platform is to rely on love Shanghai promotion, occasionally remaining 35 strong enterprises to stand all day long is to watch love Shanghai tune. Not to say no to the ranking ranking. The author of this station will now return to no weight, no PR, no three no state ranking. Looking ahead, despite the recent CCTV reported spam messages on like a raging fire, but Baidu still go its own way. As long as you pay, I dare to face the promotion! Baidu voice, a small website not only ask: Baidu, so I can get.

website traffic Yixieqianli, the author has taken various measures to save the crisis. The first is the investigation of various factors, find out the reasons of website drop right. To this end, the author also wrote an article "website page rank of Waterloo suffered is a chain of blame". After the problem again to find the decisive to remove the related snapshot update slow, love Shanghai right down this kind of chain. And at the same time to love Shanghai launched a second day appeal, appeal to get the official reply, but not to say yes or no.


I am ready to maintain the legitimate