The website title, what method power rankings

4, some of the details of the modification and change of different web site updates, modifications are different.

2, by some outside the chain of tools to let the spider to crawl your site crazy, as far as possible to let the spider visit, let the spider to your site from the strange to the familiar.

when we do the above steps, we need to help to quickly get the search engine’s recognition of our website through some tools outside the station.

1, good location words more suitable for their own development, many excellent reference sites in the same industry.

believe that every webmaster all know the title of the site is equivalent to a form, users see you one eye of the website is the title from the search engine, so the importance of the title of the website as can be imagined. A site and modify the title as one cosmetic, may make the site a better site, may also lead to more and more bad. Then modify the title, what better way to quickly make search engines accept new theme, and can have better ranking? Xiaobian today to share some of my experience.

1, website snapshot complaints, although now the search engine has canceled the snapshot, but in fact the snapshot is still there, especially after we modify the title, you will find the title you for a long time or the original title instead of you now modify the title, in the face of such a situation we can search by quick engine entrance to remind complaints search engine update our website snapshot content.

2, modify the template, because the theme of change, many of the internal structure of the site also need to modify, recommend a one-time change, after several revisions to avoid.

3, to each big search engine submission site Webmaster Platform, let each big search engine you have to change the title and revision, so you can minimize the possibility of avoiding our website right down. < >

for the website title is small or recommended when some Adsense in site early, just think think development needs of their website, keywords to locate the site. Of course, there are many websites because the location is not very accurate, the late development of want to do better, so the need to modify the title, in order to prove the feasibility of our method is more accurate, but small in July this year when the change in the title, because before has been doing QQ friend impression theme, but with the Tencent QQ constantly at present, QQ has been modified, not in support of friends impression, so the keyword index plummeted, until now almost no what index, so small chose to modify the title change theme. The following specific to introduce small change steps.


In fact,

3, notify the Links replacement and modify their own website keywords, there exists some chain anchor text keywords.