Xiao Jun the Shanghai Phoenix three matters need to pay attention to the optimization of single

with increasing the threshold is low, as long as you buy a domain name space, you can become a webmaster, in the Shanghai dragon has emerged in countless Shanghai dragon training organization, what is the Shanghai dragon training so hot? Is very simple, because everyone wants to make money, and when you I heard that Shanghai dragon can make money, so there is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng students, and these students are in the city of Shanghai dragon, in order to better carry out the local city site of Shanghai Longfeng business. This also shows that, although Guangzhou is the Shanghai dragon Xiao Jun blog, but it is mainly because of the working relationship, because a few months ago came to Guangzhou to work with the city and so blog keywords change.

2, nature should be clear.


3, website optimization cycle to determine.

generally have experience in Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ER>

this I think for each Shanghai dragon should be ER must master the skills competition, accurate analysis of a keyword, which is convenient to determine the optimal solutions and the approximate keyword promotion period, and is also convenient to offer customers. Some keyword search results only about one million, but the first few pages is the home page is also possible, because it is difficult to optimize keywords time nature will be a long time, this point in time when the promise to customers is particularly important.

1, keyword competition must be accurate analysis.

Shanghai dragon


regular keywords can be used normally in Shanghai dragon techniques make up, of course there are exceptions. Since there are regular keywords so there is also a non formal, can also be called grey keywords, the keywords are usually best not to take, although what stand no matter what words have been done, but that only a minority. If you can’t tell the nature of the word, you love Shanghai to see if someone does the word love Shanghai, if there is, that this word can be done in love Shanghai, also some words such as special medicine words or special industries also try not to do.

in Shanghai dragon training under the leadership of Shanghai City Longfeng popular each big city, including small and medium-sized city one or two big city and area, as long as the input of city of Shanghai dragon in the search engine keywords, we can see that many of them are some Shanghai dragon blog, is likely to set up out of interest, but I think most of them are out of order to establish independent blog. Regardless of what is the purpose of establishing a blog, can use Shanghai dragon money also is very good, this is my development trend in the previous 2011 city Shanghai dragon and 5 kinds of way also said that after the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is also a good way to make money, the Xiao Jun will combine some of their own experiences and everyone together to discuss, in the Shanghai dragon orders need to pay attention to what the problem.