Zhang Qing on the night of the webmaster tools weight errors between from 0 to 3


keywords ranking


Webmaster Tools false data

key appears, what these rankings are the clouds, I ask for the cnzz password to blog, traffic statistics to see their background, but also shocked, such a blog content, so rich and his IP so poor.

, millet index high

in fact, millet ranked 30 in the number of no practical significance, why do you say, because the millet mobile phone as we all know, light is the millet mobile phone has occupied the first two pages, so the 30 meters and not to bring traffic on the blog.



It is clear that


weight overnight from 0 to 3

from above, indeed weight directly to the three, from Shanghai over the flow of love is 576, the weight is not high flow, but careful observation will know, the number of paging love Shanghai included only 165, only 262 outside chain, then stand out and what to judge give him the weight level 3? In my view, is to determine the weight level from the words given.

Webmaster Tools query


by the above obviously we can see that the data are virtual, cnzz background statistical data words, all day not dozen people will go to his blog, even if is the highest in history, only 160. What about a day in the past from the search engine traffic.


can see, on the blog keywords rice millet index reached 117903, a six digit index search keywords, and on blogs can actually meters to row thirtieth, but in fact, when the millet search ranking in 30 place is not users click to enter.


today blog blog webmaster on meter and contact me, said her blog is not a normal phenomenon, so I was very surprised, because even if wrong, it is of no importance, but the slightest deviation, see him after this, I was shocked. M on the blog www.mip90贵族宝贝, I generally observed this blog for a while, feel to say the advantages, it is simple in structure, more complex, involving a relatively wide range, a blogger and I said when he is in the webmaster tools query today, the weight of the blog directly from 0 to 3. But traffic is not normal. So I am very interested in the analysis of the errors in Webmaster tools.