Understanding the difference between the original and pseudo original soft Wen promotion website mak

, pseudo original is relatively some webmaster see each one has its own merits, the quality of the article is directly copied in some forums, and then copy the updated directly to their website, and I think these methods of plagiarism is working against the Shanghai dragon, obviously the repeat rate is too high and the readability of the article it is low for search engines, which are fully aware of an article reprinted and starting from which, if the site in a certain weight, perhaps this is to increase the site included page, otherwise the search engine is not included, besides, the direct copy of the article and COPY there is not much significance. Some owners will put their acquisition of the article were disrupted by the software, the order of the paragraph or paragraphs of the adjustment, and then as a pseudo original posted at the website. But whether you are upset by the software or the paragraphs in order, he also is not an original article. And this often disrupt the order of the method, the reader simply real content cannot be read, but will make readers disgusted, simply do not know what the basic writing? This method pseudo original article is not readable, no value at all, and the search engine will not think this is the original article.

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soft promotion website in Shanghai Longfeng industry is very important, they say learn to write the soft to do is equal to the most successful Shanghai dragon. Indeed, learn to write the original text is not a simple matter, not only need according to the usual level of writing, but also takes time and effort, on the search engine algorithm change constantly on the website of the website ranking, evaluation standard is more and more high, but in any case the change of search engine website ranking algorithm still cannot do without the user experience is the core factor. But the website content is to consider the user experience, is directly related to the overall ranking of the website.

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is the original article is not so difficult, of course, the article is written with this quality, and to the conclusion according to the level of writing. The content of written standards, whether there is enough quality aside, the key is that you can according to their own ideas to statements, write well never mind, after all, every famous writers are not beginning to write well. See more and more training time, often, when I think of what to write, naturally Shun.

website, to search engine, is a fresh food, quality and to assess according to the readability of the original articles and can meet the needs of customers. The quality of original content website determines the degree of trust, the weight and the search engine website on the web site of the original article, it takes time and experience more to complete, compared with the pseudo original is much more relaxed, his thought is well written, high quality articles, through software or modify their own, again "processing". Update to the website to search engines, which can increase the update site, can also increase the website link and included, improve the site’s weight.