How to do the overall planning of Shanghai Longfeng trade website


most of the time this step can be omitted, because many stations are designed to do the Shanghai dragon. But many programmers or artists do not understand Shanghai dragon, so Shanghai dragon Er took over the site also need to modify the code. Typical is the enterprise using the table stood a large number of problems, is often a headache. Unless you are more proficient in DIV+CSS, you still looking for professionals to modify the code, it is worth noting that Shanghai Longfeng department to and technology sector with good.

Er to many Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, but in an industry and do not understand the product, even if your site in Shanghai Longfeng do very cattle. But no conversion, unable to sell their products. Lead site is not profitable, so Shanghai Longfeng do better in vain. With this jersey station for example:


, understand the industry and products (choose good keywords)


, completes the content and keyword layout (including the construction chain station in

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for English station, recommend the use of AdWords Keyword Tool keyword tool aristocratic baby. As shown in Figure Oklahoma: City Thunder jerseys is the main keywords this jersey station, but also can not completely rely on tools. We also need to select more keywords for product characteristics, product site in terms of the long tail word is very important, the number is more. These words after choosing to organize into a excel file, convenient record.

: with programmers and artists designed "

Shanghai Longfeng novices is to update the site, not in the habit of aimless construction outside the chain? Shanghai Longfeng personnel need to have comprehensive skills. Such as: writing ability, ability of data analysis, but these things need to accumulate experience. Shanghai Longfeng needs overall planning, including the design from the website to the website content, the last is the construction of the chain. How to overall planning? A conventional Shanghai dragon steps: the first step, with programmers and artists good web design. The second step, understand the industry and products (choose good keywords). The third step, do content and keywords layout (including construction site in the chain). The fourth step, there are plans to the chain construction. The following is a English station examples:

shirtThe first step of


Third step

is the cornerstone of website content, although the original content helps to increase the weight of the site, but not necessarily love the user. Sometimes, even if the original article is false, as long as the user is love, the content is good. The most fundamental is the user experience and product site conversion rate. About >

Figure two:


Second step