Talk about love Shanghai speed search brings new thinking of Shanghai Dragon


speed experience

recently love Shanghai low-key on-line speed search, it is learned by big data love Shanghai’s computing ability, the speed of search can predict in advance the user to retrieve keywords, request and obtain relevant information; and when the user clicks on the "love of Shanghai", to show the realization of the page transient. The love of Shanghai to achieve speed search, the love in Shanghai jumped on the level of search technology. Then love Shanghai speed search brings us what new thinking about Shanghai dragon

website information content: accurate and short

web site overall design layout: either simple atmosphere, or exquisite exquisite. The layout can not be confused, to achieve the level of clarity, allowing visitors to quickly understand the content of the site section. Website visual experience is very important, the level of clarity, layout and appearance of the site will be popular.

browsing experience: as far as possible to improve your website access speed. Program or server or not, and strive to achieve the best access speed, small and medium enterprises website suggestions made of pure static. Smooth and fast browsing experience will let visitors feel joy.

navigation "intimate" experience: clear navigation, so that users can quickly find what they need at the same time, user can understand what the position right now. Just do this or slightly enough, "intimate" type navigation links you need to analyze the users may also interested in the content, when the user needs to understand the information, to provide such a link you just perfect, this is called "intimate" navigation. This is also the high standards for the construction of the chain, don’t do within the chain like.


micro-blog arena this short video why such a fire, pay attention to in the network world is "fast food culture". So when you update the information content on the site, you need to concentrate, don’t waste the time visitors to see the useless things. They’re not going to see. At the same time should also pay attention to the application of web content of the picture, the picture will show more information than text. There is also a strong visual stimulation to the visitors, if your site is a picture.

here is the content you want to explain the update should be accurate, and we should pay attention to its essence. The length should not be too long, otherwise almost no users will have the patience to read. Don’t pull some useless words, streamline the work you need to do, you need to allow users to get accurate information he needs to know in a shorter period of time. At the same time to provide you with the content and essence. Do these, I believe will greatly increase the visitors to the site with complete order conversion will be very high.

website update to update? You also just stay in the pursuit of the "original" concept? Or has not reached the original "high standard" requirements. Before many articles recommended we must continue to dig the long tail word around long tail word to write content. This is the long tail word really want to understand the user to search. This is the value of the so-called.