Shanghai love words matching model is ill

, when users search for words: highly related to your keywords, even if you do not submit these words, you will get the promotion results show the way.

the phrase "seriously you lose", used to describe the love Shanghai keyword matching really appropriate. After numerous upgrades love Shanghai bidding system, the background set has no keyword matching.

first look at the official on the precision, the phrase.

phrase match: when users search words completely contains your keywords and your keyword (synonyms include keywords) inserted or reversed form, the system may automatically show your promotion results.

by BBS.yunyingzhe贵族宝贝 first

is love Shanghai system has been completely unable to identify the "convenience store beverage showcase" this word, it is the system of matching error? We only know love Shanghai system has been upgraded, but after the upgrade, now look, love Shanghai, keywords, is completely wrong. The word represents a most. The funny thing is, phrase matching function permissions great, we account for the "Guangdong freezer" word, just enter the freezer, the noun + even to go. The account of the background clearly set phrase matching, but, out of the results to let people feel admiration, input specific phrases cannot match the input, but others begin to match up out of order.

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precise matching: trigger only when the search keywords and promotion of the word is completely consistent.

The official

management account, there is a keyword, quality is Samsung — "convenience store beverage display cabinet, belonging to a relatively long words, began to put on the price of 7.2 (US industry average price is between 5-6), Shanghai had no direct love, our results show. Not willing to, with a view to estimate the tool, as I expected, keywords ranking in the 1-3 position, since the display position of 1-3, but the actual results did not show, it is the price we offer is too low, the other kind of word to offset the freezer? I put the price increased to 12, 5 minutes to see, really is not to show the results of our 12 dollars, you know the price of this industry can make us any word on the left side of the show (the problem is, our results did not show promotion in Shanghai love promotion).


tutorial that make people more and more elusive. Then check the post, only to find out the problem, there are many peers, have encountered this pattern to make people feel unable to understand. Can only be said with a smile, love Shanghai words matching model is ill.