Shanghai Dragon how to choose the right keywords optimization site

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is often the case, we believe that we already know their ideal keyword phrases. But this is usually wrong. As it is difficult for us to truly from the customer’s point of view to make the target keywords. Make a list of keywords can’t only rely on the internal operational personnel habits and conventional process. Instead, we need to ask what customers want, customers will take what kind of keywords to search the information they need. Then in the survey after you can add your own appropriate keywords.

(A) attention search volume)


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for example, you are in Atlanta real estate broker. Your key is to evaluate two "Atlanta real estate list" and "Atlanta real estate broker". This >

made a list of keywords, you need to open the evaluation of each of which keywords can bring the highest quality flow. Many people just by popularity to evaluate key words, this is not enough, in fact a keyword evaluation mainly from the following three aspects:

than the popularity of the abstract, but equally important. For example, if you use the keyword phrase "insurance company". We also assume that you only deal with car insurance.

C) user motivation

Key words:

although the insurance company may be much higher than the Motors Insurance Corporation’s search volume, but the keywords will also include life insurance, health insurance, home insurance etc.. This requires the selection of key words must be close to the industry, as accurate as possible, rather than a pursuit of coverage. But the choice of keywords long will also reduce the competition.

many companies recognize the search engine can bring a lot of target customers for them. But the cost is only a small part of the traditional marketing. Unfortunately, these same companies tend to ignore their search engine marketing activity is the most important part of keyword selection and evaluation. Keywords (those potential customers to find products or services through the search engine’s vocabulary) is the cornerstone of any search engine marketing strategy. Only careful and accurate selection of keywords, can really play the role of search engines, or in vain. The following is the process of three steps in the preparation, selection and evaluation plays an important role in the process of keyword search engine.

this factor, even specificity is more abstract, through simple analysis, to understand the user keywords motivation.

so far, the most intuitive judgment is concerned, because it is not subjective. Some tools are popular data keywords in the search engine, through these tools we can compare different keywords popularity to determine our choice, but this is it is one aspect.

1. to produce a list of keywords: