What kind of content can help you know the website development

website user sentiment is undoubtedly the most able to determine the success of a website an index, but for what kind of content can bring more users to us, there are few owners mentioned, so I arranged three of some of their own experience to share with everyone.

1 station, writing in the user’s point of view, do the real value of users need this article, so as to bring the user’s interest, visit the website for more relevant content.

1, enough related to the theme of the site long tail keywords, closely around the long tail keywords to write the article, so as to obtain some long tail keywords ranking, bring new users for us.


3, a lot of adding the quality of some of the articles, the word is more in a page long article.

actually, really for a successful website, in addition to the number of users, website PV value is decided to visit an important indicator of the quality of the site, we all know that a user page tour station, Shanghai will not only make love more love, will make our website more valuable. The method to improve the PV value of the tour, Xiao Bian also summed up the points, the following share.

2, create some new topics, then synchronize the focus on writing articles related to these columns subject, after their website weight lifting and the accumulation of time, can bring a good weight for these topics, in fact that everyone except to create the column, can also be used in the form of tag tag to create.

(a) the content of the website can bring users.

3, using some alliance platform, write some of your own website and relevant articles of the business, is also known as soft, and then be released, and with the original link, it can also bring some interested users to us.

2, add some relevant recommended website content, the content of the article writing can be recommended, also like www.**贵族宝贝 adding a similar recommendation code at the bottom of this, of course, can also use some "guess you interested" plugin is now more popular is also possible.

(two) to improve the PV value of the tour website content website.

with the updated a few days before the love Shanghai algorithm, and a group of sites and in 4.25 dead, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform also issued a "chain of judgment" article, let us know how the chain is to help the site weight, how the chain is futile after reading, I believe that many of the "industrial chain" is downhearted, although this is the case, but for this we pay more attention to the content on the website is a good decision. Let me share with you what kind of content can really help the development of our website.