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mining to layout of the words in the forum, the need to pay attention to is not content layout repeated, nor layout similar meaning but the long tail word is not the same content. What do you do? You need to put the long tail word meaning similar classification, select the largest competition long tail word as the layout of the long tail word forum, the rest of the long tail word as a resource station blog link, is also the method of ecological circle I mentioned before to guide the flow into the forum.

Keywords Promotion ForumWhen the




(2) class for discussion forum. Not some technology, such as emotion, entertainment gossip, news of these does not belong to the technology, but there is a large demand for discussion. How to see whether there is discussion of demand? Only need to search industry keywords, if appear on the home page of love Shanghai Post Bar, do forum absolutely.


is suitable for your industry, or to promote the forum. There are two main reasons: 1, it is difficult to gather people to your forum. 2, the search engine will be in favor of the industry most of the program. If your fellow competitors and many do not use the forum director, then you need to consider. How to determine whether it is suitable for the

third, layout

first, your judgment is suitable for

mining is an important step, if you find the key words is in line with the user search habits, so in the late of the forum will give you bring a lot of traffic. There are many methods of mining, this paper introduces two points. 1, the use of love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search, use is a layer to find it. The general search keywords 3-4 layer can, 4 layer after repeated keywords. 2, the use of long tail keywords search ask, using methods similar to love Shanghai related search is a layer to collect.

(1) class of technical articles for the forum. Usually the technology industry are suitable for the forum, such as computer technology, Shanghai Dragon technology, dress makeup technology, cooking, photography, breeding technology. Because things are not standard, is to continue to grow and change, so we need to discuss each other.


layout good after the long tail keywords main job is to promote the forum, if a forum is not popular, no one is active, this forum is very difficult to do it. So the people is extended to a pressing matter of the moment to the forum, and for any website, if you browse the daily volume is higher than the same industry in other sites, so this site keywords ranking will be soon.

Industry Forum

more and more stationmaster began operating industry forum to do keywords ranking, but operation effect is not how many forums. Need to how to do? I share Shanghai Dragon Girl operating two forum experience: