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the user experience can be stable ranking! Actually this word, in every day to see the A5 article we also should have deep experience. For those who do not have much substantive content, the editor of the A5 is not allowed by the author recently submitted a lot of essays also failed, for submission, we can not simply ran outside the chain of high quality to have heart to their usual need to write. Have finished their carefully read several times, but also as far as possible without typos. In order to better meet the people every day to see article A5.





I believe we have seen many miracles of the website, what a few days home, how long a few weight websites. Except for cheating, if we really want to develop keywords soaring ranking magic words, I hope that we still make some friends in Shanghai dragon, add some Shanghai Longfeng exchange group, the entire blog frequently updated some articles, micro-blog and colleagues or Shanghai Longfeng mutual concern and so on, which is the basis of your. The. In fact, the reason is very simple, a site from the user, what is not. Even if we do some software optimization, and the Shanghai dragon does not pull what side, but when we put the site layout, internal optimization is good, can be appropriate in Shanghai Longfeng friends, Shanghai Longfeng exchange group, personal blog, and micro-blog released their fine just built such a station, hope you will be able to advise me some sites like it, so it will lead to a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to study the site for us, because this part of the user group is our website. We all know that the Shanghai dragon Er site analysis, the residence time, the number of page hits are very considerable. If this can persist for 1 to 2 weeks, for those who are not very hot words basic is easy to get to the home page, or even directly according to the top three, but we are not in a hurry for the first three, first look at the top 7.

that today I come and we talk about the keyword ranking. We must hope that when your keywords ranking up, want ranking still. Can the content of your website’s users need most? If you carefully analyze the needs of users. Especially for those who sell software price friends, even your own software function are not used, do not know, you talk about how to meet the needs of users, rely on those who love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search those data? If you do not have these basic, I advise you still don’t let the keywords ranking forward three, otherwise you will get users by the end of love, Shanghai will take you to the keywords ranking exile might also printed a tattoo. The following is the hope that we can look at this for 2 months to observe the keyword ranking experience, I put the keywords ranking is divided into the following three kinds.