Vulnerable user experience really ready yet

in the Internet every day, and every day we have on the website which have? Why are we on them (this is not PS:, you know). The answer is obvious, because we need to. Love Shanghai, Sina, QQ is not from most people, including me, Taobao, Ganji is often logged in to the site. A careful analysis of their success mainly on two points:

a successful website experience may not be successful

It is without rhyme or reason. harassment, and even human flesh, no privacy in the internet.

and portal site for user groups.

The The user

to follow the trend of serious lack of innovation, let users choose difficult. Take micro-blog as an example, I have three micro-blog daily are entangled in the mood to go. SNS more and more, and we choose less.

in the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet constantly heard of financing, venture capital, we have to believe that in twenty-first Century second will be the period of Internet "hundred regiments" for ten years. Chinese Internet will form a few giants competing situation, can appear even more love Shanghai, Tencent, Alibaba. Their power shift, but ultimately benefit the majority of Internet users or China. Because no matter how they change is for the convenience of users, the user experience, user recognition is the cornerstone of their survival.

complex abnormal verification code, looks safe, in fact, is not convenient for users.

A major factor in ease of use of We The authority of the

2 easy to use

search results despite more than a few years ago a lot of precision, but there are a lot of fake, artificial part.



after a long time of accumulation, their information and services have been accepted by the public. Two love Shanghai products here under my love: love is love Shanghai know, two Shanghai encyclopedia. Because the job needs, often find some problems, these two products can often let me find the answers to the questions, thus forming a trust in them.

the development of online shopping, bring convenience to us, also brought the dispute, fake.

even if they are successful, but certainly do not in place, such as:

the garish portal, advertising more and more. Spread false news, deceive users click.

2 small website should put the user experience first

talked about the user experience, today we talk about the user experience of my personal opinion, any similarity is not honoured.

is the user experience. Ease of use is important page simple atmosphere. This love Shanghai, go to the market and other classified information network to do good, but there is a simple page content, seemingly monotonous but powerful.